Tuesday, May 24, 2016

BroSis RockyTop Grand Finale Retrospective

Damn, this was actually kinda difficult to write, although I think I did an okay job with it.  Not amazing, but okay.  I'll be doing the outro of Pussy Namaz on wednesday, I think one outro is enough, for one sitting. 


These pages kind of flow into one another by necessity, I really needed more pages, but I had run out of pictures.  Like, usually, this doesn't actually happen.  Normally, I've got so many pictures, that I have to toss some out.  But with this particular case, I didn't.  So the outro kind of doesn't exist, here.  You just get a very long sexual narrative, where the boy pretty much just comes, and then that's the end of the story. 

I was really trying to get across that the monk and priestess at the shrine are brother and sister, and I've sorta been trying to, for the past few blocks, here.  I'm not sure whether it was too clear, but I made it about as clear as it was going to get, here. 
The sister's game that she played with her brother is a little strange, in that she wanted to do it missionary with him, but she was still mildly disappointed that he didn't stick it in, when she was bent over and standing.  I guess, though, if he'd stuck it in and railed her against her 'orders', she'd be able to play little dommy games with him, as 'punishment'.  That fits with her character, enough.  Anyway, we get a little callback to the frescoes on the ceiling of the shrine, which, honestly, I think are a really cool idea, and if I can find some way to incorporate them into another story, I will.  And I think I've got just the place for them.  It's about time I did the Night Journey pamphlet.  The sister's little meditation masturbation session, though, is actually really neat.  The shrines are a cool idea.  I like the shrines. 

The sex narrative is kinda rushed, because I did run out of space, but it's also relatively standard, for the virgin boy fetish, I think.  A lot of stories do have the boys jizzing like immediately, for their first time, and that's part of the virgin boy fetish.  It's also relatively common, IRL.  So it's not that bad, right? 


So on wednesday, I'll probably be doing some more Gonzo Guide, along with the Pussy Namaz outro.  Then on friday, I'll be doing either a one-off sex narrative, or, if I'm feeling up to it, I'll start the Night Journey pamphlet.  

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