Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bro/Sis RockyTop Rides Block

This is the second to last block of the Bro/Sis RockyTop set.  It covers the little brother riding his sister's chest, and then her turning the tables to ride his cock. 


Grippin Grain
Ridin Train


titjob - Once I had Nikau following me around like a little puppy, we could finally have some *real* fun together.  One thing that I'd *always* wanted to try, was titjobs!  Ever since I'd read about them in The Gospel, I'd been fascinated, and I was *eagerly* awaiting my baby brother's first venture in between my cleavage.  Putting a boy on your chest is always a very *different* experience, but what really made it special for us, were the herbal helpers that our favorite Priestess and Monk had prepared for us, the night before.  While the two of us were watching 'Theology Of the Breast' on Temple TV, they were busy brewing up a combo that would get little Nikau's 'little Nikau' all pumped up and needy.  By the time we entered the ritual chambers, my beautiful baby brother was harder, grabbier, and just *barely* controllable.  He was only interested in grabbing those glorious globes, and as I laid back, he was on me in seconds, feverishly kissing and licking my tits.  I actually had to push him off, a little, to get nice and oiled up, but when I was done, he was back like a rocket, pumping my tits, squeezing, thrusting so needily!  I gave him a little break to play with my nipples, smiling and winking up at him, as I held my plump tits together, and of course, *gushed* all over the ritual bed.  I *thought* he'd shoot off when I reached up to play with *his* little nubs, or reached back, to tease his ass, but in the end, it only took a little dirty talk, to get that lovely little turtle out of its shell, and squirting all over my face!

pussyjob - The Priestess and I had agreed, beforehand, that a boy's first experience in a 'dominant' position, should be tempered with some submission.  So after Nikau's fun with my tits, the two of us snuggled up, to enjoy the incense, and the paintings, and chat about what it meant to be Lilians.  The ceiling of the shrine features a really beautiful fresco of Our Goddess taking her martyrs in all 48 positions, so as we laid there, chatting, I brought little Nikau's hand down, to my pussy, so he could get a feel for how turned on I was.  We played for a little bit, just touching each other lightly, gazing up at Our Goddess, busty and beautiful, taking pleasure from her lovers.  Eventually, though, I couldn't take any more.  If I wasn't going to be able to take him inside me, I would *at least* get his thick rod rubbing up against my wetness.  I *still* needed to give him his 'submissive moment', so I decided to kill two birds with one stone, and follow our lovely Lilith's lusty lessons.  When I straddled my baby brother, he got a little worried at first, since I'd told him about my 'pill predicament'.  I told him not to worry, though, and started grinding my wet pussy up against his hot cock.  Warm, juicy, and *infinitely* pleasurable, but totally safe!  I could tell that he'd learned something from riding my chest, when he reached up to juggle my tits in his palms, and knead my thick thighs, to push me closer down onto his cock.  When he started straining, to reach around and grab my ass, I took a little pity on him, and turned around, to rub myself off on his smooth, soft, sack.  He, in turn, got to jizz all over my juicy ass! 

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