Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bro/Sis RockyTop Rides Block Retrospective

Man, I really get verbose with these.  I think this one's like 3,000 characters total, which may have been a bit much.  I like how it came out, but yeah, I really need to (re)learn how to condense. 


I love both of these pictures, but the titjob picture in particular is really great.  I think it's the combination of the look on her face, and some of her body language, especially with her legs.  She's feeling that jizz!  The second picture is slightly less interesting, unless you're a foot fetishist, or an ass fetishist, I guess.  Anyway, good art, as usual.  It's really awesome, by the way, that I'm getting like a full on little pamphlet type narrative out of what is a single 'bonus picture' on pixiv.

The text here is largely similar to what I've been doing with the rest of the set.  There's some level of theological discussion, but not much.  It's mostly character based narrative, with the Priestess and Monk taking up a lot less space, this time, than they did in some of the other blocks.  We do, however, get some little bits of storyline with them, and with the Temple TV, as well.  We can see that the big sister, who still doesn't have a name, has really planned this stuff out, at least.

I managed to work in a couple of little callbacks, both to the position pamphlet, and to the theological titjob stuff that I discussed in Acolyte Initial Session, which is fun.  I also manage to get some decently long sexual narratives in, so that's good too.  I do sometimes end up spending lots of time setting up the sex, and then kind of glossing over it, which is no fun for you guys.  Hopefully that didn't happen here.


So wednesday (that's tomorrow for me, by the way) will be probably Gonzo Guide, and friday will most likely be some kind of theological/erotic guide content, teaching women in the LRI about cunnilingus, using these two pictures, chopped up, and turned into a sex narrative / guide, which will probably end up being a cross between the old-school strapon guide, from way back in the samhain magazine special, and the more recent evangelical reversal.  We'll see.
It'll most likely be something about having the boys pray to the woman's pussy, because the boy here kinda looks like he's doing namaz to her pussy, but again, we'll see how it comes out in the end.  The namaz thing might be a major theme, or it might be a throwaway line.  I can see that motif getting really old, really quick, kind of like the whole, 'come home to mommy's pussy' thing. 

Also, I'm 1000% going to be using these blocks for something (else), later on down the road.  Jilbab/Hijab /ss/ is just too rare to pass up.  If you've got any great ideas for hijabi /ss/, by the way, now would be the time to voice them.  I'm drawing a bit of a blank, beyond the whole, "pussy namaz" thing. 

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