Thursday, May 26, 2016

Gonzo Guide NonPen 2 Retrospective

Man, I almost just blew off the release, today.  I wrote the whole thing out, but I've been so excited about getting back to work on Joobachi, that I was about to say fuck it.  Yes, after like a year of not working on it at all, I've dredged up all of my old Joobachi stuff, and I'm interested in working on it again.  The fact that I just binge watched The Path, may have something to do with it. 
We'll see how long my interest holds, but I might be trying to get a team together to help me, just so the whole thing will stay on track, and get done quicker.  Maybe, maybe not.  I'll post a little bit of what I've got after I get done with the retrospective for today.  It's not a ton, and it's mostly backend stuff, but it's more than nothing at all, which is, by definition, something.


Again, not a huge deal of linear erotic narrative, here.  Some decent worldbuilding, but that's really it.  The big draw of these, really, are the pictures, and they're in top form, as always. 
I like that I was able to kind of keep it neutral, as to which focus is better.  The message is basically that they're both good, and they're even better, together, because the films are often viewed by both boys and women.  It would be interesting to see the different approaches that more longform films would take, to this issue. 

I wanted to put in a little bit about how even straight boys might like seeing big closeups of cock, because it's like a signal to them, to get hard too, but eh, I ran out of space, and it's not really that interesting of an idea, if you're not trying to justify your addiction to futanari. 


Yeah, not much to say, this time.  Or maybe there is a lot to say, just not about this, and my mind's somewhere else.  I'm thinking that the friday release will probably end up being either a continuation of the Pussy Namaz story between Dima and Nayim, or maybe something else, like a 3-4 page one shot story.  Not totally sure, yet. 

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