Thursday, May 26, 2016

Gonzo Guide NonPen 2

This is the second half of the non-penetration block for the Gonzo Guide.  It covers female-focused non-penetration scenes. 


She gives a great hando
But never to the rando
Ain't love just grando?


51_nt_19 - A less popular, but often *very* fun filming perspective, for non-penetrative sex scenes, is the Female Focus.  We'll return to our handjob, for the sake of comparison.  While the male focus filming method caters primarily to the female gaze, the female focus gives our boys something to enjoy.  While you should *never* obscure the 'manipulated object' for long, it can sometimes be a lot of fun to pan up from a more muscular sister's toned ass, past her slim hips, and down her hardworking shoulders, trim biceps, and strong hands, as they slide up and down the length of their prize.  As many of our peeping sisters know, just watching an arm moving up and down, paired with some *delicious* gasps and moans, can be more than enough to drive anyone crazy!  The female focus, here, is something that should *probably* be combined with certain elements of the male focus, like genital closeups, or 'O faces', to make sure that the scene is appealing to everyone.  These scenes, in particular, are often used by nuns, when teaching new converts, both male *and* female, how to appreciate erotic film with another person.  They're also used by our acolytes, to get some of the more timid clients out of their shell, a bit, and into the mood.  Again, dirty talk probably isn't the best thing to use, here, but some soft cooing, and gentle encouragements, can really do wonders, when distinguishing *your* scene, from all the others. 

38_nt_06 - Non Penetration doesn't have to begin and end with handjobs!  There are *tons* of fun, pleasurable, and really quite unique sexual activities that you can feature in your films.  If you've got 'special assets', like plump thighs, or large breasts, you can devote entire *films* to exploring the sexy fun that you and your baby can have with those juicier bits, and if those scenes are unique enough, they might even make it into the ridiculously lucrative educational film market.

39_nt_07 - The biggest, and most blatant divergence between the male and female focus, *comes* during tributary scenes.  You can mix and match during editing, but some people are going to want to see a full orgasm face from your boy, while others are going to want to see all that sticky cum splashing onto the sister's face.  Whichever you choose, make sure your performers know beforehand, so they can close the scene off right.  

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