Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Gonzo Guide Oral Block Retrospective

There's always a very strange difficulty that comes from writing less.  Yeah, it's less words, but less words to write is less space to express what "needs" to be expressed.  It's a double edged sword, but it's also pretty fun. 


Not too much to say about these, aside from the fact that I really like the playfulness of the narrator.  Hopefully that came through in the writing, and not just in my brain.  The focus is mostly on storyline, but there's a bit of sexual narrative at the end of the first page, which is nice. 

I really wasn't sure how long to make the fullpic page text elements, there's a real limit to how long they can be, but it's not like I really hit that limit here.  I just wasn't really sure how much there was to say.  I guess I could have put some secondary sex narratives in, but those can get really big, really quick.  This new idea of little text, slaved to a larger block, is something that needs time, but I think I'm kinda getting the hang of it.  I guess I could have talked about where and how these are used in Temple TV, but I didn't really want to overuse that idea, and honestly, they'd probably be used 'wherever'. 


Next up is most likely either the next element of BroSis RockyTop, or a relatively straightforward gangbang guide/narrative using more of Ponfaz' work.  I guess we'll just see what jumps out at me.  


  1. Hey M5k, I thought of asking you something here, because it's your latest post, but do you know/remember the artist of your LSP Formal Dinner picture?


    I really like the artwork and want to see more from the artist.

    Keep up the good work, I really enjoy it.

    1. PinkNoise, or Mizuro Megane. Either one will work. The specific set is called :

      [pink-noise (Mizuiro Megane)] Mama Shot-ime - Tropical Hen | In the Tropics [English] [Digital]
      [pink-noise (みずいろめがね)] ママショタイム トロピカル編 [英訳] [DL版]


    2. Thanks. =)