Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Gonzo Guide Oral Block

This is the oral sex block for the Gonzo Guide.  It covers the blowjob (and 69) scenes. 


Lips on a bellend
Can be godsend
For making a sex friend


 36_nt_04 - Oral sex scenes have long been a mainstay of Candid Erotic Film, since they're relatively simple to shoot, and lend themselves very well to closeups and POV shots.  A slight oddity of the Lilian Erotic Film industry, however, is the dearth of cunnilingus scenes.  Most women, new to the faith, and the industry, take one look at the orgies, and spend some time with the acolytes, and automatically assume that the massive focus on pussy-licking would be represented in the porno.  Well, if you're talking about sex-ed tapes, or theological training, yeah, it's a wall to wall muff munch.  But Candid Erotic Film is generally considered to be on the 'crude' end of things, and since cunnilingus is (rightly) considered to be a sacred act, portraying that act within the context of these movies is considered cheap, by a lot of the Clergy and Bureaucrats. This is starting to change, little by little, but it hasn't changed *yet*, so it's best to stick to fellatio, as much as you can.  Blowjob scenes should be kept short, and enthusiastic.  Really get in there!  These scenes are great for showing off his cock in all its glory, so it's best to limit your deep throating to once at the beginning of the scene, and then spend the rest of your time kissing up and down the shaft, fluttering the head with your tongue, or gently taking his sack into your mouth, for a quick shot of your best 'fuck me' eyes!

40_nt_08 - One of the better ways to showcase *your* body, and also have a fun cunnilingus scene, is by rolling it into a 69 scene!  Just remember to keep the focus on his pleasure, as much as your own.

37_nt_05 - There's no need to bellyache over where to point the camera during the boy's orgasm.  At 2 or 3 minutes per scene, you can afford to have a variety of money shots!  Once you've got a couple hundred of these, you can edit them down into a 'greatest squirts' compilation tape for your boy's more obsessive fans. 

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