Sunday, May 15, 2016

Lilian Booty Queens Server Side

I really wasn't sure what to call this one.  Anyway, these are the LBQ pages for the women who manage and help The Grove's girls.


Could have called it backend
Creativity is lackin :[


167Xiomara - This is Xiomara Santillan.  She's the captain of a merchant vessel.  Xiomara manages ovesea shipping for Rosalia Moreno's plant material, Fle Rillieux' candies, and, when required, ferries Lilian sisters from Colombia, to Spain, to work at The Grove.  Xiomara, officially, hauls fruit products, bananas, for the most part, across the Atlantic Ocean.  Since her 'special cargo' is generally light and easy to hide, she rarely has any serious issues.  Xiomara runs a tight ship, but when she's off-shift, she knows how to party!  She'll make sure to buy some extra candies from Fle, to *ensure* that her guests, *and* their lovely sons, are thouroughly enjoying their journey.

003Raisa - This is Catalina Dalca.  She's a union organizer.  Catalina handles the pay for the girls at The Grove, addresses grievances, if there are any, and coordinates with the different local government officials, to prepare legal documentation for the girls, when they decide which customer they'd like to take as their slave.  As a woman of the people, Catalina has no qualms about getting in the trenches, and taking on some of the less appealing clients.  This, of course, nets her plenty of virgins, which means plenty of *rituals*, and her 'officer-enhanced' body, keeps her clients *very* exclusive.  Catalina loves group sex, so this union organizer's off-time is often spent organizing unions of another kind!

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