Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Lilian Slave Pricing 6 Retrospective

I'm not super sure that this ended up coming out perfect, but I think it was reasonably well, and adds a nice little pre-outro bit of storytelling to the Lilian Slave Pricing pamphlet. 


This was actually supposed to be a single page, using the first picture, but obviously, since there's a lot of text, and that's a big picture, with a tricky resolution, it ended up being 2 pages.  I really like that it ended up being 2 pages, though, because the second page picture is actually really good, and it's kinda neat, too, I wasn't even planning on using it originally.  But it works super well, since they look pretty hardcore carrying those suspiciously long and bulky satchels.  The chick in particular looks pretty /cyb/ with her razorgirl sunglasses and her Kusanagi one-piece. 

The text here largely cements the whole operation as a way for the Lilians to funnel children that nobody really cares about into the Lilian Defense Industry.  I've explored this idea before, but I think it's really an interesting one, that deserves further refinement.  I also think it's really interesting to explore the rift that would inevitably exist between Lilian Defense Professionals and the rest of the Lilian world, which is very hippy-dippy and conflict avoiding.  I imagine there would be a modicum of respect for these people, since they really would be protecting the stupidly low-effort lifestyle of the Lilian mothers, but it would probably be a 'respect in theory' type of thing, where they laud these people in public, but don't actually want anything to do with them, on a personal level.  I think it would be really interesting to see these problems come to a head, especially considering that the LDI, as I've built it, largely consists of working class non-westerners (and non whites), while the wider temple, is more of the NATO/Western/1st-World crowd.  Just more buildup for my inevitable series of naval/erotic/cyberpunk fiction novels, taking place in the Puget Sound and on the Columbia River.  It'll be like LotGH, but with shotas!  I'm probably not going to write those.  Maybe.


So next up, most likely on thursday, will be some more Lilian Booty Queens, and then on saturday, we'll either get the outro to this, or the outro to Sailor Sluts, or maybe both.  

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