Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Lilian Slave Pricing 6

This is the final block of Lilian Slave Pricing, right before the outro.  It covers the appraisers falling in love with their high priced hostages liberatees. 


A cute love story
That could get gory


 12treemarried - Sometimes, the boy that you're appraising will be *so* lovely, and *so* sweet, and *so* clever, that you'll just want him all to yourself.  For many sisters, this is *every* boy that they appraise, at least for the first few months.  But for others, the love is quite genuine, and something really does just 'click' between the two.  For these sisters, we do have a solution.  If there's no specific buyer, and the URP isn't *too* exceptionally high, accommodations can be made, for you to stay with this boy, and become his primary training mistress, at least for a time.  Of course, this means that you'll be training him in the nuances of your *original* career.  If you then choose to take him as your slave, you'll be returning to your original career, with him, as your protégé and partner.

11formaldance -There's no glossing over the facts.  URP appraisal is a prestigious posting.  Sisters who do well in this field are on their way up, in the wider Temple ecosystem.  No more slogging through the jungle, or dodging security cameras in airport hotels.  No more tense meetings with uncouth converts-of-convenience.  No more sweating through those California Border Checkpoints.  Appraisal is a pretty direct path to at least Acolyte management, and there's no telling where you can go, from there.  Those who make the decision to *return* to their previous careers, however, often find limited progression opportunities, outside of that specific career track.  Many sisters, right or wrong, simply do not trust Lilian Defense Professionals, and they trust even less, those professionals who were given the option to leave that world, and willingly stepped back into it.  But, with that said, many of these boys are headed for the Lilian Defense Industry either way, and taking one under your personal tutelage, can ensure that *both* of your careers, *within* this industry, are quite fruitful, lucrative, and potent, from a revolutionary standpoint.  

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