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Lilian Slave Pricing Outro and LRLB Joobachi Shoukai Hyper-Alpha

This one was largely just a space-filler, because I wasn't really down to have a real release today.  I've been working a lot on Joobachi Shoukai (that's what I'm calling this now), and I think I'm ready to release a preliminary demo.  But first, let's discuss the LSP Outro.


I wasn't really sure how to do this outro at first, but in my community college writing class, the teachin' lady said that you're supposed to restate the intro, and on some level, sum up what the overall paper was about.  So I don't think I actually did that, here, but I like the way it turned out, anyway.
The beginning of this kind of (does) mirror the beginning of the intro, although the focus is less sexual.  It then moves on to discuss actually putting together the URP, and while I don't really go into detail about the compilation, and the formulas, and all of that, I do make some rather broad-stroke statements about how the women should approach their work.  I think it's mildly entertaining, and somewhat interesting.

As an outro, it's kinda 'eh', though, because it doesn't really conclude anything.  I think it's okay, and I'm honestly not sure how I would have, or could have, done it better, but it's certainly something that I'll think about until I forget to.


Now, onto the more interesting topic.  Joobachi Shoukai!  It means 'Queen Bee Intro', and this is essentially intended to be the introduction to the much larger, Joobachi game, that may or may not ever end up existing.  It's a bit of a departure from Gaiden and Taisen, since it's more story-driven and linear, but I think it's something resembling fun.

Basically, the story, and yes, there will be spoilers, is that you, Rusty Shackleford, are a white trash kid living in Portland Public Housing, and your mom has gone to the store.  When you run out of food, you need to go find sympathetic souls, who are willing to feed you and listen to your problems.  Unfortunately, all you find are Lilians and Catholics.
The general structure of the game is that it's divided into 3 segments of 10 days, each.  The first of these days, by the way, is (sorta-kinda) finished, and it's what is in the demo/hyperalpha.  At the end of the 30 days, CPS finally works out what's going on, and puts you with a semi-loving family.  If you start stealing shit, or committing other crimes, this will happen much sooner.
Each day is more or less divided into breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Since you're a kid, most of your day is actually spent in school, so breakfast is kinda quick, and lunch is one of your teachers giving you food.  Dinner is the meat and potatoes of the story.  I'm thinking that the Lilian and Catholic storylines will kind of merge at the end, and the Catholic storyline will have sexual elements to it, but they'll be far more femdommy, while the Lilian storyline is more classically erotic.

The battle system will be nixed, and most of the sexual gameplay will be skills based, and strategic in nature.  As in, you pick a sort of 'class archetype', like 'precocious', or 'innocent', and there's like a skill tree associated with it, that you'd use situationally, with the different women.  This is through dialogue, and not through actual RPG stats based combat.  There may be some level of randomization, depending on the amount of random temple chicks you've fucked (so XP, essentially) but then, maybe not.  This is an element of the game that I'll have to put some more thought into. 

The game will largely follow the pattern set down in the Timid Boys Recruitment guide, although there will definitely be deviations, for story purposes.
The first 10 days will largely be initial grooming.  At breakfast, Jenni Vertanen takes you to some cafe, and discusses something sexy or poignant with you.  At lunch, the Lilian art teachers show you various pieces of semi-erotic artwork, and tease you, sexually.   At dinner, Jenni takes you on some kind of date.  On the Catholic side, breakfast consists of probably your friend's mother discussing some Marian prayer, while lunch is Marian apparitions and Marian artwork, with your homeroom teacher, and then dinner is watching a hypnodomme nun fetish narrative on public access television.
The second 10 days are deeper grooming and training.  Honestly, I'm not quite sure what I'll do here, but it'll probably follow the Timid Boy pamphlet.  So you'll be at home with Jenni, for some of it.  On the catholic side, I'm thinking that you'll meet one of the hypnodomme's little helpers, and she might be a pervy nun, so maybe I'll go in that direction.  This middle part is a little up in the air, right now.
The last 10 days will largely bring the two storylines together, with Jenni having plans for the hypnodomme, and the hypnodomme having plans for Jenni, and you're at the heart of both of those plans.  Again, not totally sure about the deep details, but this will more than likely be a very sexual element of the story, and it'll probably open up the world, slightly, as well, so that you can have access to lots of different sex narratives, to build XP for the ending.

So that's the basic plan for Joobachi Shoukai.  It's very dependent on writing, moreso than anything else, actually.  There isn't a ton of real deep or complex gameplay going on, so there's little real need for complex features, or heavy programming.  In fact, the vast majority of the heavy programming that I've already done, will more than likely be wasted.  The necessity for original art resources is pretty much nil, beyond some relatively light pixel shifting.  I can steal most of what I need, and plan to.

I say all that, to say this.  If you're interested in working on this project, you're more than welcome.  I need writers, and if there's one thing that I've learned, working on various projects like this, it's that writers are actually pretty easy to find, retain, and if necessary, replace.  If a writer comes in, does a little bit here and there, and then leaves, that's fine.  If an artist or programmer does the same, it's an issue, and a lot of these projects implode, because the artist or programmer disappeared.  Well, I've set this project up, specifically, to not have those problems.

So, if you're interested in working on Joobachi Shoukai, and especially if you worked on Momcest Trainer, shoot me an e-mail at, because the more writers I have in particular, the quicker this whole thing is going to go.
Also, if you happen to be an artist, I know how valuable your time is, so I won't waste it.  I largely just need face-shots, and clothed profile-type pics, of women wearing 80's clothing.  You won't be drawing a bunch of "Simulated CP" that can't ever go into a portfolio, and you won't be drawing 10,000 lameass CG variations, for no money.  Again, I know how valuable your time is. 

To the 'idea guys', I'm certainly open to ideas, but please understand that this is going to be a very simple game, from a technical standpoint.  If your ideas are incredibly complex, they probably won't get implemented.  If you have a concrete plan to implement them, however, and are semi-proficient in Ruby or RGSS, well, you're not an 'idea guy' at that point, are you?  I'm much more open to plans, than I am to ideas, and those of you who know the difference, know exactly what I mean.


The link for the hyperalpha/demo is below.  Keep in mind, that I'm calling this a 'hyperalpha' for a reason.  It's a very rough sketch, of what the game needs to be, and most of the actual content, is very backend.  Almost all of the current resources, right on down to the school bell, are standins, that will be swapped out later.  A lot of the writing, here, is like a year old, so the quality might not be super amazing.  Ms Horne and Ms Kovacs are from back when I was writing things like Mommy Bubble 90's, and the Timid Boys Pamphlet.  That was a while ago, and it really does show.  So just keep that in mind.
Also, there are little devhelpers hidden all over the place, so you'll click certain things, and it'll spit a bunch of backend stuff at you, or give you different variables to change.  These are not bugs.  The game is super unfinished, and there are times where you need to bump the clock a little bit, in order to actually make the game function.  You can do this, by going to the outlet plug, in your open world house, and speaking to the variable lady.  In the opening area, with Lilith, the left statue will take you to the house, and you can use the outlet plug to quickly initialize the game, if you don't want to read those quotes.

I wanted to have the base for the game pretty much done and dusted, before I started thinking about storyline, and especially before I started asking people for help.  I know how quickly these projects fall apart, or go off the rails, when the (slow-moving) programming is being done alongside the (fast-moving) everything else.
But anyway, here it is.  Hopefully you guys like where it's going, and hopefully the damn thing actually works on your computers...

Let's Rape Little Boys! Joobachi Shoukai Hyper-Alpha


So, next week we'll definitely be getting some more Gonzo Guide, and then probably either some more Pussy Namaz, or maybe some other one-off.  Maybe a one-off out of some of the pussy namaz material.  Anyway, I think I'll be shifting to a Tuesday/Thursday model, for the duration of the Joobachi Shoukai project.  We'll see, though. 

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