Friday, May 27, 2016

Lilian Slave Pricing Outro

This is the outro for Lilian Slave Pricing.  It serves as a type of pep talk for sistaz who might be having second thoughts about the whole 'human trafficking' aspect. 


The golden rule just makes you a fool


 13clouds - A revolution is not a dinner party.  It is not a night at the theater, or a day in the park.  It is not a visit to the library, or a tutoring session.  It is, at its core, an insurrection, against the tyranny of an oppressor.  Our oppressor is Jehovah, and his tyranny is well known.  Our resistance requires a corps of sisters, and boys, who are willing to struggle and strive, towards the common goal of Lilian Revolution.  This corps must be able to put aside the traditional understanding of "right" and "wrong", in order to perform its duties, and build a world of justice, peace, and truth.  The big, obvious, 'elephant in the room' here, is the blatant inelegance with which this particular program is operated.  The wholesale buying and selling of young boys, *is indeed* quite uncouth.  It's expensive, as well.  When preparing the final projections and appraisals, it can be tempting, for a loving young Nun, to bend the truth.  Whether overstating a boy's spatial or logical intelligences, or understating his capacity for violence, or sexual over-reach, there are a number of areas where a Nun may *feel* like she's doing the right thing, by misappraising her charge.  This is normally done out of love, and the basic maternalistic and sororal protectiveness, that we should all hold for our boys.  But this is a wrong-headed approach.  Even if a boy does nothing all week, besides grab and squeeze at your breasts, he can *still* be shaped, refined, and formed into a perfect little revolutionary.  Remember, purchase is a foregone conclusion, for these boys.  They *will* be saved from the tyranny of Jehovah.  Your job, in appraisal, is to ensure proper training and placement of these treasures, and that requires you to be honest, open, and uncompromising. 

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