Thursday, May 12, 2016

Manat Grimoire Pages Retrospective

Remember the last time I did Sailor Sluts, and I said I was completely sick to death of fucking Sailor Sluts?  Yeah, that still applies.  I'm willing to write literally twice or three times as much material, just to avoid writing Sailor Sluts at this point.  I might just arrange what I've got into a linear package, and call it good. 


Have y'all ever heard the one about the black stone secretly being a monument to Manat's "esteemed yoni"?  Yeah, I hadn't either, until I was doing the 10-12 minutes of wikipedia speed reading that's supposed to keep these things semi respectful.  I'm not totally sure about that one, but it's certainly fun to think about.  I wonder what the haram guards would do if you started licking it like a madcunt.  Probably nothing.

This is a pretty straightforward grimoire set, without much to say about it.  I may have gotten a bit too verbose when discussing her non-sexual gifts, but I also chopped it down a lot, from what it originally was.  This whole thing ended up being pretty verbose, though.  It was a bit of a challenge getting it to fit. 
Manat, I think, was first mentioned in Crone Strike, and I've been meaning to do a grimoire page on her for a while, but I didn't, at the time, know exactly how to edit certain elements of these two pictures, so that they somewhat match each other.  Now that I know how to do that (I've gotten really good with GIMP), I can do Manat. 

Honestly, for such a sexual superpower, Manat's sex narrative is a little bit lacking in content.  It's mostly about her interaction with the woman, which is what it is, although there is an interesting little element to this, storyline wise.  It isn't really explicitly stated, but when you think about it, Manat's summoning ritual is pretty crafty.  You've got this old lady, like, she has to be a crone, and she's grabbing this new convert, who knows absolutely nothing about sex.  He's never even jerked off.  She's getting him off, somehow, and then stuffing him into her kryptonite pussy for like hours upon hours.  This kid's never going to be able to fuck anyone else after that, nobody else will compare.  Hell, even she might not compare.  It's just an interesting little side thing for this story, Manat's basically giving these women cash money, along with their very own prepubescent love-slave, as well as the means to get crazy boys all over them.  And it's crones only.  Just an interesting little story thing, I think. 


So on saturday, it'll either be the outro for Lilian Slave Pricing, some more Lilian Booty Queens, or the last bits of Sailor Sluts.  Plus the weekly Omnibus.  Next week, I'll most likely be getting back to the regular sexual narratives and guides.  

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