Thursday, May 12, 2016

Manat Grimoire Pages

These are the grimoire pages for Manat.  They're relatively standard, as far as grimoire pages go. 


Vulva in the Ka'aba?
Manat, you play with lava!


52753017_p0 - Manat was a relative late-comer to the revolution, holding onto her cult until the bitter end.  She's used to intense sacrifices, and will only accept the most innocent of virgins, as her mates.  Manat prefers to bless older Lilians, and will generally pass up anyone who doesn't fit into the 'crone' category.  She is, however, relatively easy to please, if difficult to summon.  Manat isn't too strict on what the boys look like, but she *does* demand that they be *totally* innocent, while still being Lilian, and she has a minimum age limit, to boot!  The innocence requirement extends even to the summoning ritual itself, so it's best to mask your advances, and always have an innocent excuse for your summoning stimulations.  The best boys for summoning Manat, are converts from the more intense Jehovan faiths.  The blessings that Manat bestows upon those who please her, are quite potent.  She bestows the blessing of luck, which seems a little odd, at first, until you remember casinos and lotteries.  The specifics of her assistance are negotiated upon summoning, but generally, you can expect payouts right below the tax reporting threshold, from low stakes betting on luck based 'games', such as Craps and Roulette.  As for the physical blessings, Manat is much more generous.  Sisters who please her are quite happy to find that their pussies get warmer, wetter, tighter, and more controllable, as well.  Forget about Kegels and Geisha Balls, Manat will have the boys flocking to your honeypot quicker than you can say, "Mabon Harvest"! 

42109026_p0 - A night with Manat is generally more intense than with a lot of the other officers, simply because Manat's ritual is as much about *you*, as it is about her.  Most officers prefer for you to be quiet and out of the way, during their playtime.  Not so, with Manat.  Her physical blessings manifest themselves immediately upon her arrival, and before your summoning partner can even wipe himself clean, *or work out what's happened*, Manat will be upon him, feasting on his tender lips, and soothing him with unearthly coos and singsong adulations.  She'll pull him on top of her, eyes aglow with lusty desire, as she waxes poetic to *you*, about what a wonderful choice you've made, picking out her 'sacrifice'.  With a smooth motion, practiced over thousands of years, she'll slide him inside, and clamp down.  She'll giggle, as his instincts take over, little voices in his brain urging him to thrust, and pump, but to his surprise, he'll be trapped within Manat, and as her tender undulations elicit orgasm after orgasm, milking him again and again, she'll share with you stories, tips, and tricks, teaching you to *use* your shiny new slit, in ways that will blow away even the most jaded acolytes.  Obviously, since Manat is keeping the boy inside her for almost the entire session, it's creampies all the way down.  Down worry, though, Manat is *not* a fertility goddess, so there's no need for any special precautions. 

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