Thursday, June 23, 2016

Gonzo Guide Coital Domestic block

This is the block of the Gonzo Guide that discusses Domestic Sex Scenes.  These pages explain what they are, and why they exist, in Candid Erotic Film. 


And you know I'm Feeling sex in the big home
Pussy stench going straight into my dome


47_nt_15 - Probably the most basic of the 'not-in-a-bed' sex scenes, is the domestic scene.  Domestic scenes largely play off of a stereotypical 'stay at home mom' concept, which, despite becoming rarer, in our Temples, is still often touted as the ideal, or at least, considered to be *idyllic*.  There's no need for any real buildup here, the most popular among these scenes featured exactly 6 seconds of a woman chopping potatoes, before shifting the viewpoint to her son, who sidled up behind her, flipped her skirt, and went to town.  Others have featured between 4 and 8 seconds of a woman, squatting down to use a broom and dustpan, before a small, stiff cock, enters the frame, and finds itself between her soft lips.  Sweeping forgotten, cue the sex scene.  Really, domestic scenes are less about the domestic act itself, and more about using the act as a means to provide a sort of bare bones story, for those who *need* it, in their sex scenes.  Certain Lilians have been turned off of Candid Films, because uncontextualized erotica, doesn't 'do it' for their brains.  Even if the story begins and ends with, "I was reaching up to hang the laundry, when my son appeared between my legs, and started licking me", that's enough context for them to fill in the gaps, and get off.  It's an oddity of our little community, but it's something to keep in mind, if you find yourself not getting enough sales.

48_nt_16 - One of the simplest ways to contextualize a scene quickly, is by panning over some discarded domestic work, before settling your shot on the sex, itself.  Make sure you're picking up some nice moans and wet sex noises, during this little overview!

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