Thursday, June 23, 2016

Gonzo Guide Coital Domestic block Retrospective and Future Plots

Yay, more Gonzo Guide.  I'd forgotten how straightforward these actually were to write.


I'm a little proud of myself, for this block.  I managed to actually have something resembling a sexual narrative, right along with the guide content.  The two kind of flow together, as well, which is really nice.  Of course, it's a little easier for these pages, since I'm literally discussing the deep concept of erotic narrative, and what it does, and what it means. 

I think it's kind of interesting, on a bit of  meta-level, to think about how much context an erotic scene actually needs. I mean, if you've ever looked at most normal captions, you'll see that they're something to the tune of 100 or 200 characters, basically setting up a story for the picture, and presumably you, the viewer, make up the rest of that story in your head.  That's kinda what I do, a lot of the time, although my captions are a hell of a lot more that 200 characters each.  Is that good, or bad?  I honestly have no fucking clue. 

Anyway, the mental image (or mental video?) for the second page is actually really nice.  Hopefully I explained that concept well enough. 


So, if you haven't noticed, there's a Kufuku demo out.  I'm shooting to have a new iteration of it every 2 weeks, although who knows, really.  I've got a basic outline of the first week, though, at least for the MC and Jenni's 1st act storyline.  I'm copypasting this from an f-list note, by the way, so hopefully it's not too incriminating, or weirdly formatted, or anything.

So I'm making a game, and I need scenes for it. The ones I'm writing now are basically like, leadup dates, to get the boy in the mood for sex, or like, introduce him to sex, and all that stuff. Basically, they're meant to be romantic, on some level, and make the player feel like he's being swept off his feet, by this lovely big sister type.

So the scenes play in different order depending on which book the player picks in a library scene, but all of them play eventually. There are three of them that I've got planned, with fourth one being kind of the capoff to them, and leading the player into the second act. The big important thing, though, is that there's no actual sex here. Just romance, I guess, and possibly some kind of erotic element, but not sex, and no orgasms or at least, no orgasms on the boy's side.

The first one (and they can really be in any order) corresponds to a book about flowers, and the girl takes you to a botanical garden. While you're there, the two of you probably walk around, commenting on the flowers, and how beautiful they are, and probably she discusses nature and the goddess, because goddess worship is a theme of the game. I'm thinking that maybe she takes you off to the side, somewhere, to make out. I'm also toying with the idea of the two of you catching a lesbian couple playing around, which leads to you and her making out.

The second one corresponds to a book about spies, and the girl (woman, she's in her late teens/early twenties) probably takes you to her apartment, to have a sleepover and a movie night. Probably the story revolves around her feeling you up a little bit, during the sex scenes, and snuggling close during the scarier scenes, if there are any. This one, I'm not so sure about. I might change the book on spies, to a book on horror movies? Or like, a biography of Alfred Hitchcock? Anyway, so the two of you watch some movies, and then hop in the bath, and the two of you have a scene where you wash each other in the bath, before snuggling up, for bed. Relatively straightforward.

The third scene is for a book about goddesses, and the woman takes you to a Goddess worship temple, that's run by her friends. Basically, this one's just the leadup to the later scene. So you go to the goddess temple, and honestly, I'm not really sure what happens, beyond being introduced to some 'tantric healer', who flatters the pants off you (probably literally) and maybe she lets you feel her up? Maybe you have some ideas.

Anyway, the fourth scene marks the end of the first act, and basically, it's the first orgasm scene. So the woman takes you back to the goddess temple, because the tantric healer wants to align your chakras or whatever. So you go back, and there's like no kids, and no men (obviously), and basically, the women get you trashed on bhang, and have you lay in the middle of their circle thing. Maybe they do one of those pagan circle dances around you, maybe not, but basically, they use you as a type of virgin (sex) sacrifice, to call down one of their goddesses. So the tantric massage lady gives you a handjob, while each of the other women comes up and teases you in some way, or possibly nurses you from her breast, and then you come, get hard again really quick (for the sake of convenience in writing), and your girlfriend takes your virginity in front of the rest of the goddess worshipers.

And that's the end of the first act. It's kind of a lot of writing (understatement), but I think it would be fun for the player


For the rest of this week, I'm shooting to get at least one more bit of the schoolhouse pamphlet out, since I really like expanding that element of the story, and then hopefully I'll have something somewhat releasable, for the end of this week, on the Kufuku front.  But no promises, there. 

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