Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Gonzo Guide Coital Initial block

This is the Coital Initial block for the Gonzo Guide pamphlet.  It covers the basic concepts of coital sex within the Candid Erotic Film genre. 


Little Bone Big Hole
Bitches Be Real Swole


49_nt_17 - The meat and potatoes of Candid Erotic Film, of course, is always going to be the coital sex.  Hot, passionate lovemaking between an adorable young boy, and his loving big sister, in faith, or otherwise.  Passionate really is the best word to use, when describing these scenes.  Jehovan productions will often be a cold, detached affair, filmed in a single day, with hot lamps, brutal stage direction, and copious drug use destroying any romance or enjoyment between the participants.  Lilian productions, as I'm sure you've guessed, are much different.  We trend towards more natural lighting, and of course, heavy drug use is unacceptable.  But the real difference, comes in our stage direction, or rather, our *lack of* stage direction.  The Lilian community loves novelty, but we also love authenticity.  We're more than happy to watch a boy slide his cock into a woman for the first time, or the first time in a *while*, and explode immediately, burrowing into her bosoms, as he squeals with delight.  Thirty second sex scenes are not uncommon, although it's probably best to stick to between two and five minutes, if you can.  This may seem a little short, if you've been with a lot of acolytes, but when you consider the role of Candid Erotic Film within the wider Lilian world, it makes sense.  Lilian movie nights are generally undertaken with a slow buildup in mind, so a longer, romantic storyline is preferred.  Candid Erotic Films, on the other hand, are generally either used to replace commercials on Temple TV, used as stock footage in documentaries and lectures, or simply used as material, for solo worship.

56_nt_24 - One of the more common ways that Lilian producers avoid having hot stage lamps spoil the mood of their productions, is by filming outdoors!  Obviously, the issue of secrecy and safety is something that should be considered, but if you can find a good place, preferably temple-owned, go for it!  It really does add a nice, *Lilian* feel to your scenes. 

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