Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Gonzo Guide Coital Initial block Retrospective

This one was relatively simple and straightforward to do, although I kind of wonder whether I'm stepping on my own toes, with regards to the other 3 coital sex blocks planned for Gonzo Guide.


This one is largely an intro to the overall concept of coital sex, in the Candid Erotic Film industry.  It's something that I've sorta put off actually, getting like 14 or 15 pages in, before actually tackling it.  There's a lot of content yet to cover, but I think I've divided out the pictures well enough, that I won't be restating too much shit.  This was actually supposed to be the 'face-to-face' block, and it was supposed to be discussing the missionary position.  That didn't really happen, though, and I'm sorta glad it didn't.  That's not a super interesting topic, in the context of this pamphlet.

Before I forget, the size difference in the first pic is really well done.  Just wanted to make that observation.  PinkNoise really gets what /ss/ is all about.

The idea presented here, of each genre of Lilian film kind of having its own place within the wider Lilian society, is one that I think is really quite interesting.  We've already looked at the nudist films, and we've sorta looked at the storyline films, or at least, they've been mentioned, but we haven't looked at what is, probably, the most common and popular type of porno movie in normal, "Jehovan" society.
Gonzo films.  The stuff that you see clips of on 4chan's /gif/ board, and the stuff that you see on Youporn or PornHub.  That stuff doesn't have a plot.  It's not structured in any real way, beyond being a single sex act, that goes on for a really long time.  Seriously, does anyone actually watch the full scenes?  I guess those edgers do, but they're an outlier.

Anyway, I think the Lilians would really want the boys who hang out around the house, watching Temple TV all day, to be 'worshiping' the whole time, like little loosh farms, if you're the /fringe/ type.  They'll spend 22-24 minutes being indoctrinated with girl-power, soft femdom, and sometimes more straightforwardly religious content, and then, during the time allotted for commercial breaks (it would most likely be put into a single block), they'd be jerking off, and sending their spiritual energy off to Lilith.  And they'd be doing this every day, all day, for years, possibly.  Temple TV is really something that I want to explore at some point, it's a super interesting concept.  At least to me.


So, I'm doing tuesdays and thursdays now, and hopefully, I'll have a good first day to put out for Kufuku by the end of this week.  The addition of skills has slightly complicated the writing process, but I think the game overall, is far more interesting and entertaining for it.  But I think I'll probably be releasing Kufuku on an episodic basis, either once a week, or once every other week, depending on how quickly I can get the writing out.  The way it's structured, that isn't a super complex or difficult thing to do, especially in the beginning.  

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