Sunday, June 12, 2016

Kufuku Non-Lilian Seduction Tutorial

This little block fulfills two requirements.  First, it explains why the women in Kufuku's Portland seem to be like, 100% femped.  Second, it teaches the player how to achieve certain late-game goals.


Hippies love crystals
And also boy missiles
They'll whip you with dreadlocks
While bouncing on small cocks


57226252_p0 - In your daily struggle as a member of the heavenly harem, you may come across a very strange phenomenon.  Many women, *non-lilian* women, will be coming onto you, in ways that often seem uncharacteristic, and are objectively abnormal.  The more prideful among Lilith's boys, may assume that as preteen sex gods, they simply ooze erotic appeal.  The more cynical may assume that they were unconsciously teasing these women, and dropping subtle hints of sexual availability.  Both of these assumptions are a little bit right, but largely incomplete.  The *real* reason why so many Pagan Maternalists, Tantric Practitioners, and even Jehovan Nuns, seem to get *super into* you, is Our Goddess.  Yes, it really is that simple.  There's a reason why we refer to you as "The Heavenly Harem", and there's a reason why we encourage so much solo worship.  When a boy begins to embrace Goddess, *as a concept*, the nature of his spiritual energy undergoes a change, and this change is quite noticeable, to anyone who is tuned in.  This includes Lilith, and she'll normally dispatch one of her lovely spirits, to guard and guide this chosen boy to salvation.  But it's not just her, that notices.  *Anyone* who is tuned into spiritual energy, will immediately zero in on the rare and beautiful essence of a good little boy, who loves his Goddess.  But let's get back to the *real* topic of this discussion.  What should you do, when a non-lilian woman, say, at the crystal shop, or a yoga studio, starts trailing behind you, trying to 'balance your sacral chakras'?

53579521_p0 - Well obviously you should submit to her erotic desires, as an extension of Lilith's love and grace.  But it's not quite that simple.  Remember, these women are *not* Lilians, and as such, they're not going to be as initially accepting of their own passions and yearnings.  That bit about the chakras wasn't a joke, many of these women, when they see you in lust, for the first time, have no clue what's going on.  They can't *see* your spiritual energy, and while they're often quite skilled at sensing it, they have little to no frame of reference, to know what it *means*.  They just know that they're drawn to this lovely, calming, but also quite erotic essence, and yes, the person it's radiating from is *a little young*, but if they've got an essence like that, they must be an old soul, so it's not *really* anything bad, right?  *Right*???  Again, these are not jokes, they're the justifications that we hear, on a regular basis, from Non-Lilian, 'spiritual' sisters, who fly into a panic, after realizing that they've just "molested" a child.  The important thing, on your end, is to simply accept whatever ridiculous justification that the woman gives you, to get into your briefs.  Play the innocent student, and let her be your spiritual guide, at least for a while.  But don't be too much of a pushover!  These justifications go pretty deep, and sometimes, the women will disregard all safety and privacy concerns, because they *genuinely* believe that what they're doing is a legitimate spiritual exercise.  They're not totally incorrect, of course, but don't let them get themselves (and *you*) in trouble, with the police.  Safe and private, just like with your Lilian lovers. 

50392087_p1 - Most boys understand that they're jailbait, and if you don't, well there's your reminder.  What is less remembered, however, is that most women actually consider sleeping with you to be *wrong*.  Your radiant love suppresses this (Jehovan) instinct, but when it's gone, so is that suppression.  The radiance of your spiritual energy, which draws and entices these women towards you, is actually quite directly tied to your orgasms.  Think of it like a stovetop tea kettle.  When you think happy thoughts about the Goddess, or one of her earthly representatives, the heat builds.  When your love for Goddess reaches its peak, the water hits its boiling point, and steam is made.  The kettle starts whistling.  Well, these women are 'hearing' that 'whistle', and are drawn to it.  You are literally radiating spiritual love, and that's incredibly attractive.  But what happens when you take the kettle off, and use the water to make tea?  No more water, no more steam.  Just tea.  When your new friend brings you to orgasm, the 'tea' of your energy release goes straight to Lilith, and the 'whistle' of your radiant love, stops.  Abruptly.  The cosmic, spiritual, pleasure that was aligning her desires with those of the Goddess, is gone.  This is often quite shocking, and it's something that you should be ready for.  But there's a very simple way to solve this problem.

57348856_p1 - One of the wonderful things about being a young, goddess-loving boy, is that you possess an incredible capacity for worship and love, on a deep, spiritual, level.  Let's return to our teakettle, for a moment.  If the measure of a good teakettle is that it can hold and heat lots of water, very quickly, a boy like you would be a high quality, electric model.  For reference, a goddess-loving man would be a smaller, stovetop version, and a Jehovan man would probably be a plastic colander.  For this reason, your orgasmic release, and the immediate guilt reaction of your lover, isn't actually a problem.  As long as she doesn't run off immediately after your orgasm, (safe and private helps with this) she can be soothed and reassured quite easily, while you 'heat the kettle' again.  The best way to do this, is also the most obvious.  Talk to her about Lilith!  Tell her of the bliss that Our Goddess promises to her devotees, in her domain.  Teach her about the pleasure and erotic thrill of revolutionary zeal, and the ease, by which she can contribute to our cosmic insurrection.  Our Goddess' message is quite appealing on its own, but when it comes paired with the deep luxury of your radiant love, it's downright irresistible!  So, next time a patchouli-scented 'free spirit' wants to cart you off someplace private, to talk about 'healing your tantric kundalini', don't run away.  Think some happy, goddessy thoughts, *tell your mistress what you're doing*, and go make a new friend!  

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