Sunday, June 12, 2016

Kufuku Non-Lilian Seduction Tutorial Retrospective

I really like this one.  It's been a while since I did any sort of guide content, but this, this was a fun one to write. 


I originally was going to make a little pamphlet/article where it tells young Lilian boys how to seduce Jehovan Nuns, and I was going to use elements from this CG set.  Buuuut, the shota in that one is a little older than I like, and the art kinda sucks, and it's super censored, and it would end up being five pictures instead of four.  Also, the pictures didn't actually save to my hard drive, just the filenames did.  Some error, it's kinda common.  So, I went on pixiv, to find something better.  And I did.  I definitely did. 

Since the character here isn't a nun, I had to change the overall focus of the little article from seducing nuns, to seducing spiritual women overall, which is actually a hell of a lot more interesting and fun, and it fits nicely into what I'm going to be doing for the tail end (third act) of Kufuku.  Basically, you join the Lilians, and they start giving you food stamps, so you don't have to rely on them personally, for your meals anymore.  This frees you up to go and seduce women outside the Temple, and this is basically how you do it.  Or at least, this is one of the ways you do it.

I also did this to sort of explain away the mildly ridiculous reality that the MC finds himself in, where literally every single woman that you interact with is trying to fuck you, despite the fact that you're ten years old, and live in a trailer park.  I mean, it's fair enough that the Nun at the church is a pedophile, but your Music and Art teachers?  Your friend's mom?  The cashier lady at Burger King?  The librarian?  It gets ridiculous, at a certain point.  I was originally just going to lampshade it by having a throwaway line like, "Yep, that's why we call it Pedo Portland!", or by having some type of esoteric "Ark of the Covenant" type Plot Device that the Lilians are using to make everyone a pedo (might still use that, somewhere), but this works reasonably well enough, and it's fun, from a reader's perspective.

So yeah, I really like this one.  It's light on the actual sexual narrative, and by that I mean, there literally is no sexual narrative, but this is for Kufuku, so there doesn't necessarily need to be one.  I think the guide/theological content is sexy enough, though, for anyone with a functioning imagination.  The pictures rock, too. 


So I know I've been playing pretty fast and loose with the scheduling, and I also haven't really released anything for Kufuku, but rest assured, things are coming along.  Next week will probably be something sexy, and maybe more Gonzo Guide, although I might take a break from Gonzo Guide for a week, not sure.  

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