Friday, June 3, 2016

Kufuku Skillpath Philosophy/Descriptions

These are essentially a collection of short guides detailing the basic philosophies of the 3 skillpaths in LRLB Kufuku. 


I was gonna make skilltrees
But then I wanted to make three
In the end it would be too much
You'd never have a game to touch


As a young devotee of Our Goddess, there will often be times where you feel a bit lost, or unsure of what to do, particularly in dealings with non-lilian or soft-lilian sisters.  We all know about the five points of Lilian revolution  Fealty to Lilith, Sexual Worship, Protection of Nature, Female Domination, and Temple Building.  These five points are incredibly important, but they are also very focused towards the female experience.  They are a road map to Lilian revolution, and Lilian women are the leaders of that revolution.  For this reason, many boys feel that the five points are unnecessary for them to learn, or practice.  This is obviously not the case, as *all* Lilians are called towards revolution, but there is an argument here.  How *should* a Lilian boy express his revolutionary zeal?  Well, Our Goddess, who loves her boys immensely, has the answer!  Lilian Acolytes, the vanguard of male Lilian revolution, learn and practice three core values.  These values are Service, Submission, and Piety.

Service has many meanings, and its relation to submission has long been the subject of much debate, among our Nuns and Priestesses.  For a regular devotee of Our Goddess, however, the meaning of service can be quite straightforward.  To serve is to submit, but good service requires a boy to move beyond the (beautiful) simplicity of rote obedience, and to develop a skillset, both erotic, *and* social, that pleases believing sisters, and emboldens them, in struggle towards revolution.  For some, this will mean learning to dance, or mix drinks.  For others, the service will revolve around massage, or pleasing some type of fetishistic desire.  Developing sweet, hard-hitting, tributes is a common form of service.  The key element that differentiates service from submission, is that an act of service is designed to entice and please, while an act of submission is designed to seduce, and elevate.  This often makes acts of service more classically erotic, while acts of submission, are often (but not always!) more enmeshed in the BDSM subculture.

Submission, like service, has many distinct meanings, especially within the context of Lilian revolution.  The most basic submission, is simple obedience.  A woman asks or tells you do do something, and you do it.  All Lilian boys are required to obey the revolutionary directives of their pious sisters, but many of our boys make the *active* decision, to take their submission further, and incorporate it into the very essence of their being.  These boys will submit on a very deep, often psychological level.  The pleasure of their chosen mistress is placed before all other considerations, ambitions, or personal desires.  Unlike service, however, which focuses on *simply* pleasing the mistress, on a surface level, submission requires a boy to consider the deeper *needs* of the mistress, and guide her, through personal sacrifice, towards the light of greater dominion, within the realm of Our Goddess' influence.  Service gives a sister what she wants, paying little attention to authenticity, or even prudence.  Submission gives her what she needs, and places a huge emphasis on the deep, mutual fulfillment of Our Goddess' most important edicts.

Piety has always seemed like the odd little duckling among the three core concepts, because it often seems so very inwardly focused.  The other values have their practical implementations placed firmly in the erotic sphere, or at least in the realms of romance or close relationships.  Piety, however, has often been seen as a more personal, solitary, affair.  This can often be the case, and a large element of Lilian piety *is* expressed through solo worship and study.  But those intense solo sessions are by no means the beginning and end of piety!  They are a *tool*, used by the pious Lilian boy, to build a deep, lasting, and *very* meaningful connection to goddess, and to revolution.  This connection, over time, molds the pious devotee into an ideal Lilian lover, and allows him to connect with his partners' core spiritual essence, as well as that of the divine.  This can lead to a number of extremely unique experiences, that are as difficult to explain, as they are to describe.  The path of piety may not be for every boy, but those devotees who follow it to its conclusion, are rarely disappointed.

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