Friday, June 3, 2016

Kufuku Skillpath Philosophy/Descriptions Retrospective

Those of you who have been reading these for a while will probably recognize these basic concepts from the Acolyte Pamphlet, from waaaaaaaay the fuck back in  2014.  That was actually like, one of the first big pamphlets that I ever did.  Crazy how time flies, right?  Hopefully I've improved since then.  Sometimes I do wonder about that. 


These were essentially designed to introduce the concept of Service/Submission/Piety to the Kufuku player, because literally the first thing that you do in-game, is pick which skillpath you're going to go down.  Now, I'm not totally sure if I'm going to let players mix and match with the skills or not, the way that I'm writing so far is that you can't, but as things move forward, as in, when I actually write multiple tiers of skills, instead of just the tier one that I've got right now, what I might end up doing is letting the player mix and match within each tier, but not go between them.  So you could take tier one of Piety, and then tier two of Submission, and then tier 3 of Service, but you can't take all three first tier skills.  That seems fair enough from a roleplaying standpoint, while still maintaining the artistic vision that I'm going for...

Anyway, the revolution talk comes back in a big way here, largely because this is kinda going to be the first real intro to the Lilian ideas, that a lot of players are going to have.  I have to cram as much important background from the Lilian intro into this intro as I can, and I don't have too many characters to do it in.  I feel like I do an okay job of it, there isn't too much lingo in here, although the term 'solo worship' might not be immediately understandable, for new players...

Eh, it's fine. 

One thing that I really wanted to get out here, is what exactly the differences between the Service and Submission skillpaths are.  The service skillpath, basically, is more sexual and social, so things like music, and drugs, and eventually become like an awesome fuck.  The submission skillpath is more about BDSM, but it's also about more natural, organic submission, the kind that isn't really dependent on leather or whips.  If you've ever looked into Elise Sutton's Loving Female Authority, that's a lot of what I'm basing the submission skillpath on. 

The piety skillpath page was one that I really wanted to get right, since the piety skillpath is actually the one that I'm most likely going to be putting the most personal time and effort and energy into crafting.  I did my best to subtly put that across, at the end there.  The piety skillpath is a bit odd, but I'm really planning on doing some special things with it. 


So that is that, on top of that, isn't it?  I think that tomorrow (later today) I'll do some scriptwriting and implementation, and we'll see whether I'm ready to put out a real demo release for this weekend.  I'm considering, by the way, having an episodic type of release, where each day becomes its own little unique 'thing'.  Not super totally sure about that, but it's on the table.  It might wind up being semi-episodic, since I'm sort of inclined to release every single big update that I make, anyway.  At any rate, I'll be updating the omnibus tomorrow (later today) as well. 

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