Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sex Ed Retainment Curriculum 2

This is the second curricular block for the Sex Ed Retainment pamphlet.  It largely covers electives and extracurriculars. 


When they go to classes
They grab the teacher's asses
Since they're kids, they get passes


 performance - In the old days, most of our theological training plays and performances were put on by Acolytes, and their Priestesses.  But with so many Acolytes zipping around the world on outreach, those humble little plays were starting to fall by the wayside.  With our new curriculum, however, we've brought them back, with a vengeance!  Now, any boy can volunteer to be the star of the show, teaching children young and old, of our martyrs, heroes, and prophets.  What mother wouldn't feel a surge of pride, *and arousal*, watching the fruit of her womb take his High Priestess to paradise and back, her long legs wrapping around his waist, as he shows the entire Temple how well he's been trained?  But that's not the only benefit!  These plays are organized and performed by clergy, and often *high ranking* clergy, so they're a perfect opportunity for your little one to get to know them, in a more intimate setting.  Many of our priestesses pull their short term theo/ero training contracts, *only* from the pool of these performers.  The performances themselves often attract the attention of soft-lilian businesswomen, looking for a cheap, easy, evening out with their rented acolytes, or nun girlfriends.  It's not uncommon for these women to later seek out the star of one of these plays, for a short or long term contract.  If you or your son aren't *quite* ready to move towards the Acolyte program, or if he's just a little too old, these plays can be an effective replacement.

hairart - Over the years, a few of our more well-off sisters, have complained about the technical nature of our coursework, desiring instead, a more "classical" education, that emphasizes secular philosophy, high-minded music and dance, as well as art.  Well, after many long debates in the Temple Congress, we've finally settled on a program that provides structure and meaning to the many young 'litterateurs' who find their way into our Temples, while providing our little ones with their "classical" knowledge, and doing it all in a way that pleases Our Goddess!  Why should our little ones learn the allegory of the cave, for example, through boring shadow-puppets?  The concept could easily be taught through a pair of loving hands, gliding over a blindfolded boy's excited form, as an *unreasonably* well educated young nun, whispers the *slightly* modified story into his waiting ears.  Similarly with ballroom dance, which is both simpler to teach, and *far* more enjoyable, when done in the nude!  Our art classes, however, are the crowning achievement.  Our Acolytes and Nuns have long found Art Institutes to be a hotbed of conversion, but until now, we've always had those young sisters painting frescoes, or carving statues, or otherwise beautifying our Temples.  Since our recruitment has ballooned, however, we've been able to implement nude drawing courses, for *all* students!

handolick - Our focus, in building our new curriculum, was to spread our erotic and theological training throughout the school day, and throughout the year.  We've largely succeeded in that goal, but the idea was *never* to do away with our daily Sex-Ed class.  With so much of the Sex-Ed curriculum spread out, however, we've found that our little troopers take to their lessons much more quickly.  This has given us the opportunity to explore areas of training that were normally reserved for only Acolytes, or other clergy-bonded students.  One such lesson, which has proven *very* popular among the mothers and sisters of our students, has been our 'receptive lover' education block.  If you've ever been with an Acolyte, or watched one, on Temple TV, you've probably noticed that they're quite a bit more *active*, in their acceptance of pleasure.  They'll moan, buck their hips, fondle their lovers' breasts or ass, sometimes spout off dirty talk... It's great, right?  Well, most boys do at least a couple of those things naturally, but if you've been with enough Acolytes, you'll know the difference.  They do it *all*, and they can do it all at once.  That takes some training, and it takes some stamina.  It takes practice, and with our new Sex-Ed curriculum, that practice comes many times a day, and from many, *many*, lovely, skilled, and very horny young instructors! 

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