Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sex Ed Retainment Curriculum 2 Retrospective

Let's see, it's been a couple days since I actually wrote these, or at least it feels like it.  I've been working quite a bit on Kufuku, preparing the different programming elements and maps for the 3 dates that you go on, before Jenni pops your cherry. 
Believe it or not, it's actually kind of difficult to make a game where you play as a kid, without railroading the player through shit.  I mean, having the parents be gone makes it easier, but still, you have to go to school, and then if you're not going to school, what can you realistically do, at ten years old, with no fucking money?  I've decided to put most of the little player choices within the dates themselves, and probably partially railroad the player to those dates.  Maybe.


These were decently fun to write, and they bring the focus much more to the 'marrying off your son" side of things, than the other ones, I think.  They specifically mention wealthier ladies, which is good from a storybuilding perspective, as well. 
The first page originally had more discussion of the Acolytes, and specifically where they were going, and what they were doing, and who was going with them, but that ended up being like 700 characters off top, and it's probably better to save that discussion for its own little pamphlet or block, somewhere else.  I've actually got a bunch of PBX stuff that I'll probably be using for that. 

I went back and forth on the whole "Sexy Allegory of the Cave" thing, but I decided in the end, to be very vague, and just have it be more of an idea, than an actual narrative element.  It would have been a lot of work to actually come up with a real curricular method of teaching that concept through erotic touch.  Fun work, but hard work, and it would've taken too long to actually explain, anyway.  I've got a PBX set that features a blindfolded boy and 2 women, though, so I might end up exploring the concept at some point, just for fun. 

Probably, I'll have a bit more about the sex-ed classes, and actually, this whole pamphlet thing was supposed to be all about the sex-ed class itself, and not so much about how the whole curriculum incorporated sex-ed, but you know how my plans tend to go.  So now, I kinda actually do have to feature a couple different elements of the sex-ed class.  But I think I did a reasonably good job introducing that little block of probably like 1 or 2 other pages, here. 


No clue when I'll be releasing next, or what, exactly, the release will be.  Obviously, Gonzo Guide will continue, as will this little pamphlet.  Probably, now that I think about it, that pamphlet on the acolyte outreach would be a good one to do.  Very narrative, and very worldbuilding.  It would basically be a boy and his priestess (and possibly a couple of nuns) going around the northwest, and "spreading the message of Lilith".  Although, now that I really think about it, PBX doesn't really do 1 boy lots of different women, so maybe it wouldn't be so narrative.  Or maybe I'll use something other than PBX.  Or maybe there will be more than one boy.  Not sure. 

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