Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sex-Ed Retainment Pamphlet Curriculum 1

This is the curriculum block for the Sex Ed Retainment pamphlet.  It goes through certain elements of the Temple Schoolhouse, and explains why they are the way they are.


All the boys are hot for teacher
But most are also hot for preacher
A woman with those jobs together?
All the boys would want to freak her


 43606030_p1 - teach - We all understand, by now, the revolutionary significance of keeping our boys in the Temple Schoolhouse.  But what of the education?  Well, any Lilian mother can tell you, that we put much emphasis on ensuring that our children are able to perform the increasingly technical and complex tasks, that our wider uprising requires.  Biotechnology, Hydroponics, and Mycology.  Machining, and Robotics.  The three main languages of our faith.  Our revolution has shifted to a higher level of sophistication, and the old mass labor model of our early slavery is becoming obsolete.  But beyond the technical training, there is a greater element of Lilian socialization.  The Temple Schoolhouse, and its teachers, both the permanent professionals, and the volunteers, have a double duty.  Not only must they ensure that our boys understand their place within the Temple, but they also must *help* those valuable youths, to develop a positive relationship with Our Goddess.  This is why our sexual education has been expanded, in the past few years.  We go *far* beyond the simplistic mechanics of eroticism, in this new model of education.  In today's Schoolhouse, Sexual Education is no longer *just* a class, separated from the 'regular' day.  Erotic and Theological Education is becoming increasingly personalized, and spread throughout the day, to better mirror the pattern and flow of a modern slave's workday.

26813478_p0 - squeeze - One of the first things that we try to teach our boys, is proper respect for boundaries.  Obviously, this is incredibly important, for when they're outside the Temple, but it's important *everywhere*.  A young nun, studying the deeper philosophical texts of Our Prophet, in the library, may not want to deal with a boy crawling between her legs, at any given moment.  But then, maybe she's looking to take a break, and would appreciate the service.  For our baby revolutionaries, we offer a recess curriculum that is full of close, personal affection, in between the normal rough and tumble play, of our youths.  Unlike the professional tutoring model, however, this type of play is tempered by nature of the volunteers, themselves.  A paid tutor has her weekly checks, to consider.  Will the boy complain to his mother, if she doesn't acquiesce to his desires?  This power dynamic can have the effect of turning what should be extremely desirable slaves, into totally unusable counter-revolutionaries.  At the Temple, your boy will learn when it's not okay to touch, but he'll also learn something more important.  Our volunteers aren't *always* up to play, but remember, they volunteered for a reason!  More often than not, a boy's precocious caress will be met with a kiss, a coo, and an invitation to saunter off to a more secluded bower, for even more fun!

nudieteach - One of the newer challenges that our revolution must face, as it grows, is the integration of different groups, in the Temple.  One of the more prominent among these groups, is the nudist, or 'naturist' movement.  While our dress codes have never been strict, we've always, *generally*, worn` clothes, in our day to day lives.  Nudity in our Temples has historically been considered a sign of erotic availability.  But times change, and demographics change.  We now have many Lilians, who live most of their lives in the nude.  This is a simple lifestyle choice, and it isn't sexual.  If our boys are unprepared to see nudity in the non-sexual context, their contracting prospects will be quite limited in scope.  To combat this issue, we have introduced fully nude classroom days, to desensitize some of our 'perkier' boys, to the concept of nonsexual nudity.  But once that's ingrained in their heads, and they understand that no, naked does *not* always mean horny, we move on, to tackle another issue.  Many converts, and sometimes even born Lilians, will see their teachers *only* as teachers, or *only* as sex partners.  Sometimes it can be difficult for them to accept that the person who was licking their ass, and drinking their jizz, on sunday, is going to be teaching them polynomial equations, on monday.  We've found that, for whatever reason, having a nude class, every week, tends to bridge this gap, in the boys' mind.  This more holistic conception of sexuality, will become *very* important, when it comes time to negotiate a permanent contract.

cornerpocket - As our revolution has become more and more advanced, our work-teams have become smaller, and more consolidated.  It isn't uncommon to find a young slave serving a single mistress, at work, at home, *and* in bed.  We seek to prepare our boys for this model of service, through an apprenticeship class, twice a week.  This class, which replaces the 4 hour elective/lunch/recess/gym blocks, places one of our budding revolutionaries with an established Priestess or Nun, and gives him some experience, as a slave!  He'll shadow her in her work, helping where he can, and learning how to stay out of the way, when necessary.  This incredibly formative experience not only introduces him to the concept of slavery, but also to the clergy, within the Temple at large.  But don't worry, we don't ride our students *too* hard!  They are still adorable boys, so most of our Nuns and Priestesses can't help but grab a little break, here and there.  They'll pop off to someplace nice and quiet, hike up their skirt, and enjoy themselves!  It's fun for the boys, obviously, but it also imparts a very special lesson to them.  As a Lilian slave, your temple designated mistress' pleasure is paramount, and at any time, she's more than within her rights to take some level of recreation from you.  Our Priestesses and Nuns know when to give a boy his space, of course, they *are* proper stewards, but if the boy's up for it, and he usually is, you can expect him to come home nice and satisfied, with a new friend in the clergy, and a new appreciation, for his role in the Temple.

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