Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sex-Ed Retainment Pamphlet Curriculum 1 Retrospective

These were fun to write, although it was difficult to get the right amount of sex in them. 


I love the pictures that I used for these, Zuburoku does an amazing job of dreaming up fun and interesting /ss/ scenarios.  The one where the girl's getting felt up by the kid in the hat is particularly nice.  I wish he's taken that idea in a more interesting direction. 

The text for these is, for the most part, really dry, and story heavy.  I'm not sure how I feel about that, but I guess it is what it is.  I was actually trying to make these a bit more sexual, but that didn't really turn out.  I guess it's guide content?  Or like a generalized fantasy thing?  I mean, theoretically, the idea of your teacher being naked, or or spending the day with some office lady, and fucking her when she gets tired of pushing papers, is a fantasy.  It's something sexual.  It's just not a linear narrative. 

We'll see how it looks, when I get everything else done with, for this pamphlet.  One thing that I am digging, is the challenge of writing for a different demographic, and how that kind of changes how things are framed, and what's discussed.  This whole pamphlet is designed to dissuade wealthier Lilian mothers from pulling their kids out of Temple School, and getting them tutors, like the one in nightly nun.  So they focus on the technical training, but they also focus on the element of marrying the son off, and especially how having the boy be a Temple grad, would give him a leg up in the slave market.  It's kind of an interesting little reversal, to the whole 'princess maker' type of idea. 


So the demo for Kufuku will be released either today, or tomorrow, depending on how distracted I get.  Probably next week will be a return to Gonzo Guide, with most likely some more of this, since I really like exploring this element of the story.  

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