Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Sex-Ed Retainment Pamphlet Intro

This is the intro for the sex-ed retainment pamphlet.  It's designed to encourage OG Lilian mothers to reconsider pulling their kids out of Temple School when they start getting rougher girlfriends. 


Great color combos
Growth of her zombos


46404638_p0 - Yes, you know her well.  You've seen her before, skulking around the Temple grounds, prowling for *your* baby.  Leading him by the nose, with her "Dank Kush", and "Sick Beats".  Her bohemian lifestylism and laissez-faire attitude towards the complexities of revolutionary science, test your patience.  Her uncanny ability to entrance your son, is even more concerning.  She represents a new generation of Lilians, who have primarily been recruited through the pornographic drug culture of the internet, and the hyperotic techno-music craze, that's been sweeping the nation, along with our Temples. Taken on their own, of course, none of these elements are particularly negative.  We've always embraced our spirit herb, and spore of life.  Dancing, and particularly erotic dancing, has also been a part of our faith, since the beginning.  Obviously, there are pornographic elements in the Gospel of Lilith, and you're currently *reading* a pornographic magazine, put out by the Temple.  But it still stands, doesn't it?  You don't necessarily want your son dating, or Goddess forbid, *contracting* to somebody with this type of 'party hard and fuck the rules' attitude!  Quite a few Lilian mothers have seen these women prowling the Temple grounds, and evacuated immediately, taking a more personalized approach to their children's education.  Now, there's nothing wrong with home-schooling, especially when it's done along with other Lilian families.  But it's important to keep in mind, everything that you're giving up, and everything that your *children* miss out on, when you pull them out of the Temple Schoolhouse!

46335842_p0 - That's more like it, right?  A sweet young revolutionary sister, passing on her skills, to her beloved young charge.  Upheaval in Action!  Well, would you believe, that the woman on the last page, and the woman on this page, are one and the same?  It's true!  One thing that we, as mothers, often find difficult to accept, is that the Temple overall, is as much about guiding young *women* to the Light of Lilith, as it is about raising our boys as revolutionaries.  One of the most beautiful elements of our faith, overall, is that we are able to do both, all at once.  These young ladies are often drawn to less constructive elements of rebellion, out of a distinctly Jehovan emptiness.  They see no innocence or beauty in the world, and so, they dance in the darkness, for a time.  When brought into the light, however, and shown the path of Our Goddess, they often take to it quite well.  Our boys, sweet, and loving, are an indispensable element of this process, and this is why we have begun referring to our school-age boys as *fellow* revolutionaries, as opposed to 'junior cadre', or 'partners in struggle'.  As times change, the science of revolution must change as well, and today, our Temples are a place of learning for all Lilians, and all Lilians, in turn, teach.  From the eldest crone, to the youngest lad.  We all have our part to play, in the Temple's operation.

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