Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Sex-Ed Retainment Pamphlet Intro Retrospective

I actually had some real difficulty finding a good idea for today's release.  I knew I wanted to do something, but I was stuck between a shota/loli/mom narrative by aogami, a son-swapping narrative by some western guy on pixiv, and some straightforward shit from Munio World.  I'd been wanting to return to the schoolhouse for a while, because I really haven't discussed it all that much, but it's a little tough to find good sets.  Or so I thought.  It really isn't. 


Zuburoku is a great artist, and I've used a ton of his stuff, but I've never really gone through his pixiv, really, and that's a shame, because he's actually got a ton of content for me to plunder unthinkingly.  There are a lot of really cool, relatively small stories, that can be told simply through the picture, and only a few lines of text.  There are enough of them, that you can tell a rather large story, through all of them together.  That's what I'm trying to do with Sex Ed Retainment. 

I decided to hold off on the sex at first, and instead focus on setting up the overall concept for the pamphlet, overall.  This is normal, of course, but you know, retrospective and all.  I like the idea of the first page, and the second page.  Basically, I'm sorta-kinda bringing back what was probably the only good idea from Sailor Sluts, which was the concept of hardline leftist, very conservative, Lilian mothers.  Conservative for the Lilians, of course, which is a totally different type of conservative, but still conservative. 
They have a very specific idea of what they think the Lilian lifestyle is, and that idea does not include raves, or certain kinds of drugs, or probably certain specific sexual practices.  They're more OG, which is to say that they're more swayed by concepts of revolution, and marxist terminology.  Some would call them stuck in the past, and they probably are, but hey, that just makes for more enjoyable storylines, right? 

Because these women are older, and more OG, they're tuned into the more theological concepts of Lilism, and less into the spiritual stuff.  So there will probably be more borrowed phrases from marxist, maoist, and twelver (cult) sources.  Probably more twelver than anything else, since that's what I'm listening to at work, right now.  Anyway, the point is, expect more of this and this, and less of this, during the sex-ed recruitment pamphlet. 

The overall pattern for this pamphlet, after the intro, will probably just be to go through all of the different little sexual vignettes that the boys get in their sex-ed training, and then close out with a bit of a romantic type of story sortakinda narrative thing about a music teacher and one of her students, and she's kind of contracting with him, just to claim him for her daughter.  Relatively straightforward, and nice and heavy with the sex.  I'll pretty much be using everything that Zuburoku has done, with a school theme.


So not sure what's next, maybe more of this, maybe I'll figure out something to do with that aogami shota/loli/mom narrative.  I don't like using loli unless I'm using it for something, but we'll see how it goes.  I might have it be that the boy has been with his father for a while, and now that he's finally "out of the picture", they can give him all the Lilian love that he's been missing out on.  We'll see.

Kufuku is still chugging along, I've largely implemented everything that I want to implement for at least the demo, and I'm looking to have a hard release date of the 20th of June.  I'm flirting with the idea of recruiting additional writers off of f-list, which would make this whole process go 10,000 times faster.  

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