Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Big Bone for the Crone Zone Intro and Medford

This is the intro page for a new pamphlet called "Big Bone for the Crone Zone", or possibly "Crone Zone" for short.  This part of it largely just introduces the characters, and the basic elements and structure of the story.


Servicing the covens
Organizing love-ins
Putting buns in ovens

lhbyoung02 - Outreach.  It's a nice word, and it's come to mean a great number of things, over the years.  To some, outreach is a cross country cherry popping trip, zipping from town to town, grabbing the first couple of street kids you see, and giving them the night of their little lives, before turning them loose, with a copy of The Gospel, and a photobook of your Temple's Priestesses.  For others, it's a weekend of crash BDSM training, for a barnful of kissing cousins.  For myself, and a lot of other Priestesses with "high value" Acolytes, outreach has become a term for a very special, and *very* profitable type of road trip.  My Acolyte, Sugarvine, has recently made a name for himself on the erotic audio scene, mostly catering to the older crowd, although he's also done a couple of mommy and maiden tapes, here and there.  His main crowd, though, is older ladies, professionals who don't have a lot of time for dating, and aren't interested in being pressured into any contracts.  He's got plenty of incalls, of course, and we make great tithe off of those, but where we *really* make money, is the Outreach Circuit.  We've got quite a few, running up and down each coast, as well as a couple that go around the Rockies, but our most recent one, was quite special.

bothboyspic - Since my little Sugarvine started his audio career, he's gotten quite popular, and as such, he keeps me quite busy.  I hate to say it, but my *own* baby, Broadleaf, has been playing second fiddle, a bit.  My wife keeps him feeling nice and loved, of course, but Sugarvine and I *are* on the road a lot, so when I finally got a nice set of straightforward sessions booked for a particularly long weekend, I decided to take advantage, and bring Broadleaf along for the ride, so he could spend some nice, quality time with mommy!  That's him on the right, with my lovely Acolyte on left.  They're posing with the *generous* patron of our trip, a lovely blonde, with a taste for group sex, and BDSM, two common themes of Sugarvine's audio tapes.  She's into blackmail play as well, which is why I'm taking that little picture with my PDA, but it's all in fun, of course.  The four of us had a wonderful night together at a Lilian-Owned beach resort, near Monterey.  My boys are both submission trained, and after I'd chained our sexy sponsor up nice and tight, bent over the bed with her ass in the air, her face in my muff, and her legs spread *wide*, my boys each took turns filling her with their hot spunk, filming their own POV, and waxing dirty little poetic, about what a *whore* she was.  Sugarvine was in top form with his erotic exhortations, but I was quite *pleasantly* surprised to find my Broadleaf holding his own, with backup cracks and quips.  But we're getting ahead of ourselves, and really, shouldn't the bantering boy himself be telling you about it?.

lhb50swifephone - Our first stop was Medford, to meet a client named Julianna.  She was *really* into phone sex, and the two of us had spent hours chatting away, playing different games, and stroking ourselves silly!  One of the things that Julianna *loved* doing, was to lay back with her girlfriend, and have me tell the two of them a story, to act out.  It was so much fun, thinking up ways to tease the two of them, and give their lovemaking that little extra spice!  It wasn't all charity, though, *I* had such a great time listening to the two of them moan and writhe into one another, that I couldn't help but join the fun, and add my own voice to their chorus of lesbian lust.  When we got to Medford, I was actually expecting to see both of them, but apparently, Julianna had other plans.  This time, it was her girlfriend who was on the phone, and *we* would be acting out *her* fantasies!  I grew stiff and slick with anticipation, as I strained to listen in.  I could only hear bits and pieces, a 'cock' here, a 'slut' there, as Julianna laid me down on her plush bedroom lounge, and followed her lover's taboo tutelage.  Julianna's teasing was slow and heady, and guided by my familiar pleasure moans and gasps, the lover had Julianna take me right to the edge, again and again.  I was so caught up, I didn't even notice that Julianna's lover had emerged from the closet, with her cellular phone.  Well, when her wet tongue joined Julianna's on my stiffness, I couldn't hold on, and wasted no time in showering the two of them with my hot jizz!

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