Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Big Bone for the Crone Zone Intro and Medford Retrospective

I'm not sure how long that name is going to last, but I do like it.  These were fun to write, although a little bit difficult to organize.  I'm basically using all of BH2's /ss/ stuff, or at least the stuff from his pixiv.  He mostly draws older ladies, hence the name.  Crone Zone.  Have I done that one before?  I know I did Crone Strike...


The intro for this is a little on the stilted side, to be honest.  I introduce the basic concept first, but then the characters come second.  The woman on the first page isn't the narrator, and that's a little confusing.  I didn't really have too many options when I was making this story, since there's limited pages with the narrator (the black haired woman) and the light haired boy.  In fact, there's like one, and I've already used it.  Unless BH2 decides to have a sudden stroke of inspiration and draw the light haired boy squeezing up on the dark haired lady's titties in a family sedan, while the dark haired boy reads a magazine and strokes off in the backseat, with the Rocky Mountains in the background, or something... 

Yeah, so the story is mildly contrived, and I'm probably going to be slightly altering the pages, to turn certain women into other women, and basically giving the light haired boy like 5 or 6 little adventures, while the dark haired woman and boy will get 1, and I have no fucking clue what I'm going to do for the outro...

Yeah, these are the problems that you get when you "parasitically" steal other people's artwork and write for it.  But wutevzzz.

Hopefully I was able to get across who the characters actually are for this one, and who's speaking.  It'll mostly be the boy, Sugarvine (don't you just love these names?) doing the narration for these, although I might, might, have the priestess do like a little intro for the Jane, and then hand it off to Sugarvine, for the actual erotic narrative, but we'll see.  There are some of these that only feature like 1 or 2 pictures, like the Medford one, and it might look a little weird, if the priestess pops in for this one, but not the other one.  So we'll see.  I'm trying to make most of these erotic narrative. 


So I still have no clue whether I'll be continuing the old school MWF thing, or switching to a Tu/Th thing, or even doing a once a week thing.  Next up though, is probably either more Gonzo Guide, or some of the closing bits of Sex Ed Retainment. 

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