Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Big Bone for the Crone Zone Redding

This is the Redding block of BB4CZ.  It covers Sugarweed's(?) adventures with his client in Redding, California. 


Having big Norteno fun
Getting Crones to squeeze your buns
Loving in the mountains
Cock just like a fountain


 lhbtatgirlforest - After Medford, was Redding.  Crossing that California State Border is always a little scary, but we got through okay.  My first client in California, was Denise.  She lives on a couple hundred acres of land out in the Shasta-Trinity region, which was nice.  It's always good to have that privacy.  The two of us had all day and night together, so she took me out on a tour of some of her land, so that we could enjoy the natural environment.  She was clearly dressing to impress, in her hotpants and cowgirl boots, and after a half hour of watching her pert ass and creamy thighs, as she showed me around, I was most definitely ready to worship!  Eventually, we got to where we were going.  She'd set up a little shrine to Lilith in a small clearing, deep in her forest.  My eagerness reached its peak when I saw that lovely statue of Our Goddess, and I just *had* to sit her down, and taste those sweet lips, before we *really* got started.  We greedily drank one another in, my hands slipping up her shirt, to fondle and tease her tits, as hers creeped down, to squeeze and caress my ass.  We playfully stripped each other before the mother, kissing and licking each newly exposed pleasure point, before sauntering over to the goddess, hand in hand, and kneeling down at her feet, to stroke and play with ourselves, while reciting The Credo of the Revolutionary.

lhbfireplace01 - Denise and I made love there, in her little grove, but our *real* fun would come later, when we got back to her place.  She wanted to live out a fantasy from one of my audio tapes, a scene where a mother and her son have to get off in a changing room, without anyone noticing.  Well, Denise had the presence of mind to not use a *real* changing room, although we probably could have set one up, for a little extra tithe.  When we got back to her place, the two of us leafed through a couple of photobooks themed around changing rooms and other public scenes.  We relaxed on her sofa, me, nude on her lap, turning the pages and reading the narrations aloud, while she slowly, methodically, stroked me from base to tip, reaching down with one hand to cup and tease my sack, or up, to play with my stiff nipples.  For my part, I made sure to put the book down every few pages, to lean up, and turn back for a deep kiss, wiggling my juicy ass into her steaming snatch, as my fingers danced up and down her chest and neck.  We started to get to the hotter bits of the photobook, and I guess Denise was ready to feel the heat of my sticky seed running down her fingers, because her rhythmic pumping started to get faster, her grip started to get tighter, and the gentle stroking and teasing of my nipples became a tighter pinch, that just drove me wild!  I couldn't help but wrap my arms around her neck, and *moan* into her ears, as I let loose all over the two of us.

lhbfireplace03 - After Denise licked me clean, I pulled her up off the couch, and started kissing my way down her tummy, just like in the tape.  I pulled down her already damp shorts, and indulged myself on her dripping cunt.  She spread her legs a little for me, and held my head in place, gently undulating against my thrashing tongue, to the rhythms of the soft jazz we'd put on in the background.  Just like in the story, I reached around back, to tease her tight asshole, pulling her cheeks apart, and slipping a finger in, just barely, but enough to really get her going!  Once she was nice and wet, I kissed my way back up, to her (now bare) breasts, and slid my stiffness between her thighs, and thick, fleshy, lips.  She yelped with pleasure, when my slick head found her quivering clit, and let out a low, gratified, *growl*, as I began to gently thrust up against her.  The sexy wet noises of the two of us pounding against one another filled the air, and were joined soon, by Denise's satisfied sighs and screams, as my sucks, strokes, and thrusts, brought her off again and again.  Soon enough, just like in the story, she was reaching back down between her thighs, which were positively *coated* in her love juices.  Her warm, wet, hands slid up and down her thighs, but found their home against the head of my stiff cock, stroking its slickness, as it pulsated in her palms.

lhbfireplace02 - It took every bit of willpower I had to avoid exploding right then and there, with her turgid nipple between my teeth, and my rock hard boyhood twitching between her hot cunt, and deft fingers.  I think she could feel me starting to lose control, because in no time at all, she was on her knees in front of me, and our tongues were almost instantly dancing with one another.  Her hand couldn't stay away from me for long, and almost immediately after she reached out to grab and squeeze, and stroke at my length, I was upon her, almost straddling her thighs, wildly thrusting against her bare tits.  My precum and saliva mixed into a hot, messy, love-lube, and she reached out, keeping me close, but staying in control, rubbing me against her stiff nipples, as I pumped with abandon, fucking her fist, and squeezing her tightly to me, as I began to feel my orgasm rise.  The two of us found our rhythm together, our tongues lashing against one another, as my thrusting hips met with her pumping fist, and her heaving tits.  Within seconds, I was holding her close, moaning into her open lips as we kissed, and I coated her chest with my hot, sticky, spunk.  I couldn't hide my glee and arousal, as I watched my seed drip off her lovely tits, and I found myself back up and ready for another shot, in only a few hot minutes!

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