Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Big Bone for the Crone Zone Redding Retrospective

I've forgotten (again) how much fun it can be to write a really straightforward sexual narrative.  This was super fun to write, and I really like the way that it came out.


It was nice to have the space to properly set up some characters, and tell a decent little sex narrative.   The pictures themselves aren't super duper amazingly perfect, since there's no, you know, actual coital sex in them, but hey, that just gives me the opportunity to expand the story beyond what's being explicitly shown in the pictures.  Which is what I'm supposed to be doing, anyway.

I mostly followed the pictures here, though, expanding on what they were doing and why, but the sexual narrative is very focused in on those pics.  The pictures themselves mostly just provide the demarcation for what I'm going to be describing.  I think I did an okay job of expanding everything out, although there is one thing that I have to say, and that is "tone".

The tone of this one is very adult, and yeah, they're fucking, so of course it is, and yeah, I'm writing it, and I'm an adult, but I tried to make Sugarplant's descriptions and stories more adult, and more dommy, than usual.  It's something that I rarely do, and really, I almost never have the boys actually give their side of the story, but here, I think it's a little interesting just to see how he enters that sort of paramour/Don-Juan type of role, when he's with these women. You don't see that sort of thing much in the Lilian stories, which is to say, I don't write that sort of thing much in these stories.  But it's fun to play with.


So what's next up?  Well it sure as shit is not Gonzo Guide, because I am taking a break from Gonzo Guide right now.  It's become my new Sailor Sluts, although I recently went back and read Sailor Sluts, and actually, it's one of the more interesting and entertaining stories that I've done.  I kinda thought it was shit, at the time.

Probably next up is either the last bits of Sex Ed Retainment, or possibly the first bit of Jenni's welcoming pamphlet, which will be a non-incestuous cherrypop narrative, because I actually don't think I've done one of those.  Like, ever.  Well no, I had those two things with the hookers, the blonde one, and the birthday one.  And I guess Mennonite Madness was pretty much just non-incestuous cherrypop scenes.  Whatever, I'm doing another one, so dig it.  That's probably either Friday or Saturday. 

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