Sunday, July 31, 2016

Big Bone for the Crone Zone Sacramento

This is the Sacramento block of BB4CZ.  It covers Sugarbread's night out on the town, with his Sacramento client.


Party in the penthouse
Then a drive to get doused


lhbnightin - We were only in Sacramento for a night, but it was easily one of the funnest nights of the trip!  My client, Alice, was a well-connected businesswoman, and a bit of a socialite, as well.  I always love a challenge, and Alice had no problems delivering one of those!  Our night started off at her place, with me taking a quick shower, and slipping into the suit that Alice had laid out for me.  She was ready for the night when I came out, in a stunning white dress, that made me *wish* I'd had time to do a bit of solo worship in the shower!  We had a full night of carousing, from the Opera, to a restaurant, then back to one of her business partners' penthouses, for drinks.  She introduced me around to her friends, before sitting down to talk shop with them, while I swapped stories with the other acolytes.  We each took turns serving wine, tea, and hors d'oeuvres.  When the clock struck 11, though, it was finally time for the *real* fun.  One by one, we acolytes sauntered over to our clients, sitting in their laps, to fondle their breasts, or leaning in, to whisper our dirty desires into their ears.  I crept up behind Alice, to run my fingers down between her cleavage, teasing her stiff nipple, as I planted warm, wet, kisses up her neck.  With a soft moan, she turned towards me, our lips meeting in ecstasy, before we retired to one of the bedrooms, and tore each other's clothes off!

lhbnightout - Alice turned out to be a bit of a night owl, and after we'd gotten at least 3 orgasms between us, she turned to me, and asked if I'd like to take a drive, with her.  Well, what was I going to say?  The two of us put on some more casual clothing, and set out into the night, soon finding ourselves nice and secluded, beneath the starry sky.  The mood was just right, as the two of us leaned up against her car, my head nuzzled up in the crook of her arm, playing at her silky tits, as she pointed out the constellations, and what they meant.  When I dipped my fingers lower, I found her honeypot overflowing with arousal, and I could tell she was ready for more.  There was no need for words between us, as I slowly unbuttoned her dress, exposing her lovely tits to the brisk California air.  I couldn't resist taking those stiff, dark, nipples into my mouth, and Alice's gentle sighs, and coos, spurred me forward, my stiffness pulsating in my jeans, as I knelt down, unbuttoning the rest of her dress, before smoothly opening it like a book, and burying my face in her warm muff.  She draped one leg over my shoulder, holding me tight, as I sucked her clit, working my fingers into her slit, as I looked up at her loveliness, head thrown back in rapture, screaming into the night, as she drenched me in juices, again and again.  I was so worked up, I thought I'd explode right there in my jeans, but Alice, ever the gem, just knelt down in front of me, pulled my cock right up into her, and held me tight to her breast, as I finally got my relief.

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