Sunday, July 31, 2016

Big Bone for the Crone Zone Sacramento Retrospective

Let's see, these were a bit of a departure from the norm, simply because there wasn't really much direct erotic narrative, at least until the very end. 


It's a lot different, coming at these from the boy's perspective.  I'm not sure if it's easier or not, but it's certainly different, and it's not really something that I've done a whole lot of.  I feel like it kind of makes things easier for the male readers, so they can put themselves in the boy's shoes.  Maybe, maybe not. 

I actually really like the character of Alice, and her little story arc here.  We kind of see the "upper crust" of the Lilians, a bit.  They go to normal Operas, and normal restaurants, with their acolytes, and then they behave normally, when they're carousing.  The only difference between them and a group of traditionally upper middle class or upper class (oligarchal) mothers, is that they go fuck the kids at the end of the night. 

I really liked the little image of the different boys standing around in the kitchen, being out of sight, except to take turns going to serve the women, but then, at 11, they all kind of file in, like strippers at some kind of Cartel pool party.  Or at least, what I would imagine a cartel pool party to look like... 
It really drives home the sort of "geisha" aspect of the Acolytes, in certain situations, and how they can be a type of status symbol, for certain women.  Yes, there's a sexual aspect, and Alice does use Sugarvine (that's his name, right?) as a sexual object, but only after she's gotten her little bit of prestige out of being seen commanding the preeteen pornstar.  I thought it was also kind of fun that Sugarvine kind of shows some vulnerability at the end, and if I'd had more space, I would have made it more clear that he actually shot off inside Alice, in like, 30-45 seconds.  Hopefully the whole 'like a virgin' thing got that little element across. 


So shit, I'm done with Gonzo Guide, and I'm done with that one Jenni thing, I'm done with the Sex Ed pamphlet, what else is there?  I guess there's the whole Pagan thing to start on, but I feel like I'm forgetting something...

No, it's pretty much just the Pagan stuff that I've got left, unless I want to just crank this one out, and then go on hiatus.  By the way, I'll probably be gone for a while after August, since I'll be getting set up in yet another country.  Not sure when (or whether) I'll come back after that, but I would at least like to crank out the Pagan stuff, just in case I wind up closing out this project overall.  I'll be uploading it all to exhentai, just in case.  

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