Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Gonzo Guide Coital DualGasms block

This is the DualGasms block of the Gonzo Guide pamphlet.  It covers how to properly film orgasms in Lilian Gonzo porn productions.  


It was supposed to be a cowgirl block
But when I re-read it I was shocked
Looked back and it was off model, but you know I can't waddle
Once it's written, that's a lock


 45_nt_13 - One particularly contentious argument within the Candid Erotic Film Industry is whether to focus on the male or female orgasm, during the coital scenes.  Obviously, if multiple orgasms are being shown, or if the male and female orgasms come at different times, this is a non-issue.  But there are a few problems with that, aren't there?  Often, the first thing a new Lilian woman will notice, is the synchroneity of a great number of Lilian orgasms.  It's more common among Acolytes and their Janes, of course, but it's not *that* uncommon among laity, and it has been a part of our erotic culture since the beginning.  It is *not* going away.  This idea was probably spread initially by our early erotic films, and the general Lilian market has spoken quite clearly.  They want to see (and hear) common orgasms, during  their coital sex scenes.  You can get around this, by marketing your boys as being inexperienced recent converts, but that will require some mild acting on your part.  You'll have to turn up the maternal or sororal protectiveness and adoration, to really *sell* that 'new convert' fetish.  You might also have to 'lead' a bit, moving his little hands to your breasts, or "showing" him which hole to put it into.  Even then, the market is absolutely *saturated* with these types of videos, so you might do better just having your performers fuck, learning one another's natural rhythms, and enjoying each other's eroticism, until their orgasm of one, brings the other off.  This, of course, will take time, and chemistry between the performers, which is probably why it became a trend in the first place.

43_nt_11 - A relatively straightforward way to get around the difficulty of picking a single orgasm to focus on, is using a 'doggy style' position, and filming from below.  You get a lot of skin in these shots, and it's a great view, for people who want to see the sex itself.  If you're lucky, a little bit of your mixed juices will drip down onto the lens!

53_nt_21 - Multi-orgasmic scenes are rather convenient, although they're normally much longer than the average piece.  They're often a great opportunity to pan over the female performer's body, focusing on the tensing of her muscles, the bucking of her hips, and of course, her lusty and jubilant visage.

54_nt_22 - If you're dead-set on showing that "Double O-Face", your best bet is going to be doggy style, with a semi-closeup of the sister's face, as the focus of the shot.  Have her lover pump as deep as he can, before looking up into the lens, and giving it all he's got!

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