Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Gonzo Guide Coital DualGasms block Retrospective

I had no fucking clue what to call this, largely because I went totally off the rails when I was writing it.  It wasn't supposed to be about 'dualgasms', but that's just how it ended up.  Oh well, not rewriting. 


The idea of the synchronized orgasms is kind of a common one in hentai, which means that it's really common in all of my work, since my work is based on hentai.  Funny how that works, right?  Not common in real life, though.  So one of the interesting little challenges when writing this one was threading that little needle between the reality of reality, and the fantasy of the Lilians.  I think I did a relatively good job of it, though, while somewhat firmly implying that the Lilian boys and girls are really good at sex (they'd fucking better be, right?) but that this "holy grail" of synchronized orgasms is still something that is not super duper common among them. 

Not a ton of erotic narrative here, although there are the token bits.  The text for the larger pictures focused mostly on the actual film-making, which was, unsurprisingly, a total, 100%, asspull.  But I think it was functional enough, to give the reader a nice little bit of internal fantasy, while they fap.  That's what these are for, right?  Y'all aren't just reading them, are you?  I'd feel strangely let down if that were the case...


 So, what's next up?  Probably more Sex Ed Retainment, then I'll spend this weekend working on Kufuku, and I'll see how far I get.  I'm pretty far out from having an actual working demo, since the story is structured in a way that branches.  I have to actually do all the different branches, before I can make a release.  So unfortunate for those of you who were waiting on baited breath, I guess.  I'll try to be getting back into the swing of the schedule, though, so there's that. 

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