Thursday, July 28, 2016

Gonzo Guide Costumes/Outro

This is the costumes/outro block of Gonzo Guide.  It wraps up the overall pamphlet.


What's more fun than cosplay?
Dressing up is okay!
You might think it's kinda gay,
But people do it every day!


46_nt_14 - Over the decades, the Candid Film Industry has seen a lot of different performances.  A lot of adorable little cuties, and their attractive mothers and sisters.  Almost every single Acolyte past 1980 has made at least one of these films, and usually more.  To put it plainly, there are a *ton* of these videos, and while Candid Film does lend itself to a "collector-centric" business model, there is the simple fact.  Not every boy winds up being a favorite of the collectors, and the boys who do, normally have some physical trait, like a big cock, or puffy nipples, a particularly round ass, or large, doe-like eyes...  You get the picture.  Since there's *so much* content out there, a Candid Film producer needs to be able to distinguish her work from the myriad of other videos out there, and one of the simplest ways to do this, is through costume and character.  Obviously, you don't need any sort of deep scripting, here, since this *is* Candid Film, but making, for instance, a series of different character "cosplay" films, featuring popular combos, like Black-Cat/Black-Kitten, or Cattleya/Rana, or even Lum/Ataru.  Just like in the domestic scenes, the setup shouldn't be long winded, or extreme.  10-15 seconds at most, or 5-10 percent of the overall scene.  The big, important, thing here, is that you bear *some* resemblance to the character in body type (race is unimportant here), and that your costumes and props look and feel authentic. 

41_nt_09 - Costumes don't necessarily have to be that difficult to put together!  If you don't have everything that you need, you can omit certain elements, with the explanation being that the character is naked, *because they're having sex*.  Just make sure the characters are recognizable! 

44_nt_12 - If a character is canonically a little on the subby side, there's no shame in allowing that element to shine through, in your performance.  Be aware, though, that these types of scenes are usually chopped up and used before and after the shows themselves, on Temple TV.  If the Temple TV version of the character is different, due to dubbing and editing, from the secular character, your performance won't end up being purchased and used.

35_nt_03 - Candid Erotic Film can sometimes be a little on the cut-throat side of things, when it comes to the economics and internal temple politics of it all,  but generally speaking, it's a great first step into the hardcore Lilian pornography scene.  Too many new Lilians wind up poring over their magnum opus for years on end, thinking that it's going to be the next Nefertiti Jones and the Cape Town Cadets, and then, when they go out and try to get any type of funding, they find themselves behind literally hundreds of Nuns and Priestesses, making the same formulaic parodies and repetitive girl-power schlock, over and over and over.  Either that, or there's a 'big theological production' going on, and they need all hands on deck, for that.  *Or*, the High Priestess is making yet another 'daily life' video, to hawk her panties off to the slaves.  Basically, there's never going to be any real resources for a normal sister, with nothing but big ideas, and a good script.  If you want to make your big movie, you're going to have to fund it yourself, and Candid Film provides the lowest barrier to entry, the highest payoffs, and the safest and most streamlined method, to actually *sell* the tapes.  Candid Film is a purely Lilian affair, so there's no sneaking these things past customs, and no poring over law books, to try and somehow frame a ten year old jerking off onto your tits as some kind of 'ancient ritual'.  You submit the tape to your closest Lilian contact, and they'll generally handle the rest.  Payouts usually come within the first week, normally in US Dollars, and then they'll grow for about a couple months, as your tape gets circulated around the wider Temple system.  If one of your scenes gets picked up for a larger production, like an educational video, you can expect good royalties for at least two years off of that, since those go to the Temple Schoolhouse.  If it ends up being used as stock footage for a theological tape, expect to be getting payouts for decades, those things *never* go away.  With the new Temple Congress' recent focus on expanding Temple TV beyond the actual Temples, though, and on centralizing the Covens into closed complexes, the demand and profitability of Candid Film is sure to go up.  So if you've got a camera, a boy, and a roof over your head, put some thought into making a little foray into the Candid Erotic Film industry.  You'll be glad you did!

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