Monday, July 11, 2016

Sex Ed Retainment Curriculum 3

This is the third installment of the Sex Ed Retainment Curriculum block.  It mostly covers the reasons to keep your kids in Temple School, and some of their new ideas for personalizing the education. 


School can be cool
If you're not a fool
Give it your best
And stick to incest!


teachchoco - An often overlooked element of the overall Temple Schoolhouse experience, is how we treat Secular and Jehovan holidays, such as Easter, and Thanksgiving.  As revolutionaries, we understand the oppressive nature of these 'celebrations', and of course, we forbid our students from observing them in the Secular or Jehovan way.  But when *everybody else* is having fun, you don't want to be left out, so our new curriculum reinterprets and reimagines these festivities, turning them into positive, uplifting, and *fun* Lilian jubilees.  What Lilian boy *doesn't* want to lick his teacher clean of Easter chocolate?  Spend Thanksgiving on the reservation, feasting on the lusciously lickable labia of our tribal sisters?  And don't even get us started on all the fun we plan for Valentine's day!  The simple fact is, these experiences are irreplaceable, and can't be replicated outside the Temple environment.  There's nothing quite like these celebrations.  Fidgeting, stiff and ready, eagerly waiting your turn to lick and suck the salty sweetness off of your beloved teacher's smooth skin.  Straining against your shorts, as you watch her mount your friends one after another, until she finally comes to you, hot, and dripping, and horny.  This is what boys miss out on, when they're given personal home tutors!

pissingscene - How does this picture make you feel?  Imagine if it were *your* son under that hot stream.  Are you turned on, or horrified?  Well, in the old days, the Temple would take a very 'all or nothing' approach to Sex-Ed class.  If you didn't sign off on your son getting pissed on, for example, he wouldn't get any cunnilingus training, either.  This, in retrospect, was the *wrong* way of going about things, and with our new curriculum, all mothers are free to determine what their sons learn or do not learn, in Sex-Ed.  But it's far more nuanced than it used to be!  For more intense or extreme acts, we've shifted towards a system where an Acolyte will perform the act with his Priestess, and the rest of the boys will watch.  If they like what they see, and their mother has signed off on their participation, they can then *request* the same treatment, from one of our many lovely volunteers.  This is done quite simply, and seamlessly.  To use the example of a golden shower, if a boy watching starts to rub and stroke himself off, he'll soon enough find a volunteer skulking up behind him, and whispering the magic words in his ears.  If, in his lust, he decides to try out this fun new type of play, she'll strip him nude, lay him on his back, and sate his curiosity with all the hot, wet, liquid love, that he can handle!

tublick - Imagine, coming home every single evening, to a well trained, *very* pleasing, young Acolyte, always ready to give you everything you desire, and 100% *yours*.  You set your bags down on the end table, and flop out on the sofa, exhausted, from the day's labor.  Maybe the slaves have been driving you up the wall, or maybe there's just a tough issue that can't be resolved easily.  Whatever the issue, you're ready to *relax*.  Enter your son, bubbly and beautiful.  He sidles up next you you, nuzzling his little face into your breasts, his lithe hands sliding up and down, unbuttoning your coat and blouse, before moving up, to kiss the tension out of your neck and shoulders.  He strips you slowly and lovingly, taking little breaks between licks to ask about your day.  When the two of you are nude, he takes your hand, and leads you to the bathroom, to relax you even more!  This lovely vision is one of the goals of our new curriculum, as our Acolyte Programs start to drift further towards rural outreach tours, and away from the traditionally localized Temple models.  It's understandable if certain mothers don't want to have that sort of relationship with their little ones, but for those who do, the new curriculum is designed quite specifically to provide young boys with a more *personalized* erotic training experience.

classlick - A good lover needs training, and practice.  This has been the cornerstone of our Sexual Education program for years, but now that we're expanding so widely, we've been able to bring in more volunteers, and offer each of our boys the opportunity to excel, when pleasing their teachers and other clergy.  In addition to the weekly pullout programs, our teachers and volunteers will often take a special shine to a specific student, and will make a personal project of teaching them the intricacies of Lilian love and eroticism.  We've always done things like this, of course, it's where the short-term contracting program originated.  But today, we've got *so many* lovely and skilled young female clergy and volunteers, that we can firmly and confidently boast of 100% coverage.  If your little one seeks the specialized tutelage of one of our junior (or even senior) level clergy, he *will* be indulged!

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