Monday, July 11, 2016

Sex Ed Retainment Curriculum 3 Retrospective

Yes, I know, I'm kinda draaaagging this one out a little bit, but I promise, it'll be done by the next block.  It'll be a 3 pic outro, and it's already planned.


You can tell when I start to run out of good ideas for a block, because you'll see less guide content, and more narrative.  This is a good example of that done relatively well, I think.  I probably screwed up a little with the first person / third person on the first page, but eh, don't care.
I like that these kind of flow in and out of guide and narrative, and I think they were mixed reasonably well in this one.  It's a little odd having the entire rest of the pamphlet be guide content, and then bring the narratives in now, but I think what I'm going to do for the next block is mostly narrative content, and very straightforwardly so, which would make this a type of bridge, between the guide, and the narrative.

Or at least, that's how I'm justifying it.

I like that Zuburoku has like  4 or 5 different characters in these, that get used over and over again.  It actually lends a certain type of realistic feeling to these, since you're seeing the editor from the magazine getting her pussy licked, or seeing the crone from the intro pamphlet spreading chocolate all over her tits.  The chick that was getting pounded in the stairwell is now pissing all over a boy's face.  And most of them are playing some part in that school play scene.  So it's like somebody just went around the schoolhouse, and was taking random pictures of the priestesses, or staged pictures, that were designed to look random. 
Either way, it makes for a really cool scene, especially when you consider that these people would probablymaybe be like, celebrities within the Portland/Eugene Lilian scene, and the older, wealthier, Lilian women would presumably want their kids being educated by such esteemed mistresses. 


So next up is most likely either more Crone Zone, or something with Jenni Vertanen again.  I found a nice Tetrotodoxin of her, and I've got a fun little narrative planned.  

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