Friday, July 22, 2016

Sex Ed Retainment Outro

This is the outro block for Sex Ed Retainment.  It attempts to tie everything together, and close out the wider story. 


From student to slave
You'd be quite the knave
To try and deny
There's no rest till' the grave


snugsad - One of the often overlooked benefits of keeping your boys in the Temple Schoolhouse, is the semi-secular, and not particularly sexual, socialization aspect.  Those of us who were with the Temple from the beginning know that home-schooling was a huge part of the original program.  We were supposed to ditch our husbands, go on about 3 or 4 different kinds of welfare, and then homeschool our sons, *personally*.  And this actually worked quite well for the first year or so, before we fully figured out the complexities of industrial slavery, and sufficiency models.  But times change, and revolution must change with it.  Today, the single-parent/single-teacher homeschooling model simply *does not* prepare young Lilian boys for a future in the Temple.  The collective-tutoring model does a better job, but it's still lacking in a key aspect of education, that the Lilian Schoolhouse is not.  Adversity.  Our best, and most *useful* revolutionaries, have, historically, been converts, from disadvantaged situations.  Too often, in our community, we seek to guard our boys from any type of difficulty, ignoring the obvious fact that *overcoming* these adversities, is what gives them character, and makes them into resilient, tenacious, fighters, in their work, and in their life.  Our new curriculum doesn't necessarily put the boys in any danger, or limit their potential, but it does give them challenges, and yes, sometimes they do fail.  But where we differ from the Jehovans, is that our loving sisters are always there to pick a boy up, dust him off, and send him back in for more. 

recorderschool - We've discussed a number of benefits to your son's continued enrollment in the Temple's Schoolhouse, as well as the many improvements that we've made to our curriculum.  Our education is top notch, and directly focused towards future employment in the overall Lilian Economic System.  But the core of that system, is the special, *sacred*, relationship that exists between a Mistress, and her Slave.  Choosing a mistress for your son is an incredible responsibility, and it is very important that you, as the mother, ensure that your son has access to as many quality Lilians as possible, so that when the time does come, his transition is smooth and pleasant.  The fact of the matter is, our Temples are the best place to find attractive, intelligent, and upwardly moving young ladies, to get your baby in on the ground floor, and set him up for future success.  Closely arranged matchups aren't uncommon or unheard of, but there's nothing quite like allowing true love to grow between a lovely young nun, and one of her doting students.  Take Mountainbell here.  He and his music teacher, Giselle, would often bond after class, listening to the latest New Beat CDs.  Though initially a little shy, as a newer convert, Giselle was brought out of shell, quite a bit, when Mountainbell walked in on her getting off, with his recorder!  Now, the two of them can often be found lounging together on beanbags in her classroom during breaks, enjoying more *Lilian* audio.

recorderhome - Giselle and Mountainbell's adoration for one another grew deeper over time, and their shared love of music, led them to start a small production company.  Giselle handles most of the heavy lifting, with Mountainbell largely providing backup vocals, and sound effects, and of course, serving as her lovely little muse.  The two of them together, have quite a sexy sound!  But as we know, the new model of slavery involves more than one mistress, and Giselle, always on the cutting edge, has enlisted her young apprentice, Kittentail, (Crimson Cunny to her fans) to take provisional stewardship over him.  She's nowhere near free to do as she pleases, but during her recording and performing sessions, Mountainbell belongs to her, alone.  But there's another place where the two of them team up, to rule over little Mountainbell.  After a good show, or a successful recording session, the three of them will unwind together in Gissele's big bathtub, getting slick, and wet, sliding against, and *into* one another with ease, and kneading out all the tension of the day.  Later, they'll retire to the bedroom, for even more play!  Mountainbell is well on his way to being an integral part of the Lilian Entertainment Industry, and as he grows up, his responsibilities, towards Giselle, Kittentail, and whoever the revolution places over him, will increase.  But for now, he's learning, and loving, and playing, in and around the Temple.  This is possible, because his mother kept him in the Temple Schoolhouse. 

editorbang - It should be quite clear, by now, the path that Our Goddess has always preferred, for each and every one of her male servants.  It is *not* the path of the patriarch in miniature, ruling over his tutors, by virtue of the wealth and prestige of his esteemed mother.  It is not the path of a cloistered and hidden domestic prince, devoted to his mother, but sheltered from the realities and responsibilities of Lilian Struggle, in a way that is unhealthy, and unsustainable.  Just as our slaves are responsible for serving us, *we*, in turn, are responsible for providing stewardship, over them.  Our Goddess requires us to put our beloved sons through the crucible of the revolutionary, ensuring that they are mentally, physically, and spiritually ready for slavery, by the time they reach the age of contract.  *This* is our highest goal, as mothers, as cadre, and as stewards.  The Office of the Lilian Schoolhouse works tirelessly to make these aspirations achievable, and for the time being, we have been extremely successful.  So before you pull your son out of the Temple, consider what you're giving up, and consider the difficulty of replicating our curriculums and programs, all on your own.

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