Sunday, July 17, 2016

Walk-In Welcome 1 Retrospective

I've been doing a bit of narrative lately, but nothing shortform.  This will be exactly 8 pages long, and this is half of those 8 pages.  It's kinda nice to take a break from the big stuff every once in a while, and I know you guys tend to respond pretty well to stuff like this. 


The original concept for this little set was going to just be Jenni welcoming a boy into the Temple, and possibly doing a ritual with him.  I honestly don't now how or when it turned into Jenni doping him up, and that being the "big theme" of this.  Well, actually I do know when it happened, it happened in prewriting, after I decided that just doing a simplistic "Jenni fucks a boy" story wouldn't be particularly interesting. 

Have you noticed, by the way, that there seems to be a trend of Lilians drugging their boys in some way before (or while) taking their virginity?  It's probably just a personal fetish of mine, but I do think it adds some level of storytelling to the whole thing.  Especially when you consider just how ingrained these drugs seem to be, in Lilian society.  I just think it's interesting to think about. 

Anyway, the pictures here feature a chubbier Jenni, when compared to, say, her appearance in the magazine, or in that one pamphlet where she assfucks her son a bunch of times.  It's not really a huge deal, but it is something that I noticed.  I guess it is what it is, though.  I like the plumper look, but it's not super consistent with what we've seen previously.  Whatever.

I think it's interesting to kind of play with the idea that the other women in the Temple might get annoyed at the High Priestesses stealing away all the virgin boys.  A little bit of jealousy, for the ones who aren't willing or able to go out and snag their own virgins. 
It's also kind of interesting to discuss what would actually happen to a boy who just waltzes into the Temple, with a copy of The Gospel (or something similar) in his hands, asking to convert.  Who would his "mistress" be, at that point?  Not his mother, since she's not a Lilian.  Not necessarily the first woman he comes across at the Temple, since that would probably be, like, the receptionist.  Somebody would have to find him one, because if he ever does anything "wrong", his mistress is going to be the person who takes the blame.  He wasn't brought in by a Nun or laywoman, so it's not her.  It would basically have to be the High Priestess, at least for a little while.  Just a fun little look into how the Lilians work, internally. 

It was neat to play with the ethics of all of this, as well.  Eric is completely fucking blitzed, after he licks Jenni's pussy.  It's probably not okay for her to fuck him in that state, or even put him in that state to begin with, and it doesn't really look like she'd tested the drug, before using it on him at all.  So there's some questionable ethics there, but then, raping street kids is pretty questionable in itself, so where's the line, right? 

Anyway, hopefully this came out fun and interesting, and sexy, from a narrative perspective.  I was trying to do something really straightforward, and ended up doing something that actually isn't all that simple.  I think it's okay, though.  Y'all probably don't come here for well crafted /ss/ erotic stories, you come here for semi-competently slapped together Lilian /ss/ erotic stories.  So yay.


Next up is probably the last bit of Sex Ed Retainment, then the next installment of Crone Zone, and then probably I'll shuffle out the last little bit of Gonzo Guide.  I might be starting another pamphlet, by the way, to replace Sex Ed Retainment. 

I've been meaning to do something about the Pagan Maternalist Movement (the Lilians would be the Lilian Maternalist Movement) for a while now, and now that I've figured out how to search Gelbooru for Questionable rated pictures, I've got some good ideas on how to use them, while also shedding some light on the Pagans, that I mentioned/introduced in the SuperSoft pamphlet.  They're playing a bit role in Kufuku, so I figure I should probably expand on them a bit, if only for my own personal understanding.  I'll probably put out a little prewrite for that one of these days.  Of course, prewrite doesn't always mean 'this will be done soon'. 

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