Sunday, July 17, 2016

Walk-In Welcome 1

This is the first half of the "Walk-In Welcome" narrative one-off.  It introduces the characters and overall story, and begins the erotic narrative. 


Little boy doping
Leads to much groping
But if he gets addicted
It will not be depicted


003b - A lot of people wonder what it is us High Priestesses actually *do* all day, and more than a few sisters have gotten a little surly, when they see me sauntering into a back room with a fresh-faced young convert, or a curious walk-in.  Well, one of the most important, and most traditional jobs of the High Priestess, is to be the 'mommy in chief', to all the boys and girls who are in need.  So any convert that comes in through the CPS system, or as a walk-in, meaning, without an officially Temple Designated Mistress, is the responsibility of the High Priestess, or at least her office.  Now, the day-to-day secular duties will normally go to the child's Lilian foster mother, but she's a temporary caretaker, *not* the primary mistress, when issues of Stewardship are being discussed.  *That*, would be myself, or one of my direct lieutenants, at least as far as Eugene is concerned.  So for those of you who wonder, when you see the High Priestess hanging around with a revolving cadre of new faces, that's why.  She's getting to know them, erotically and otherwise, so that she can effectively set up a permanent home, and at least a *semi*-permanent mistress, for them.  It's actually one of the most serious jobs that a High Priestess is charged with, and many a sister has been recalled from service, for failing in this most sacred duty.  I take it very seriously, and that's why I was quite pleased, when my good friend and colleague, Medea Circe, developed a new concoction to help streamline the erotic element of this task. 

002b - Eric was a walk-in.  His father was out of the picture, and his mother was always either drunk, or high, and rarely in the house.  He didn't get much love at home, but when he came across a Lilian photobook, tucked away in an inner city "playground", he came to know Our Goddess, at least in a platonic sense.  The photobook was quite tame, emphasizing the maternal and loving aspects of Lilith, over the more erotic ones.  As a tool for liberation, it's quite effective, but when Eric came to us, well, he'd never actually, you know, *come*.  My first course of action was to make sure he was fed and safe, but after that, it was time to introduce little Eric to Lilian love.  Like many of his peers, Eric was a little shy, his first time around.  He'd never been naked in front of a girl, and he'd definitely never been touched like *this* before!  I decided that it would be a little too much, to strip for him, or even show him any porn, so I decided to take a more sensory approach.  I stroked him slow and steady, savoring every twitch and pulse.  He didn't have the material yet, to form any real fantasies, so instead, I had him focus on the simple *pleasure* of it.  All those tingly little feelings flowing up and down his stiffness, as I took him to paradise with my gentle touch.  The purity of his adoration was palpable, Our Goddess' name on his lips, as his first orgasm came splattering across my chest. 

001b - After our little tryst, I sent Eric home for the evening, with a box dinner, a bottle of lubricant, and a stack of specially chosen comics and photobooks.  That night, before bed, I took one of Medea Circe's newer medicinals, designed to imbue *all* of my juices, from the sweat of my brow, to the milk of my breast, and yes, even the honey between my legs, with a very special brew, which brings out the animal in these boys, while keeping them on edge, until they're *really* into it!  I'd be able to see what little Eric's true colors were, and I wouldn't have to wait 10 or 15 minutes between each bout of playtime.  When I showed up in my office, after morning worship, Eric was there waiting for me, with a twinkle in his eye, and a tent in his shorts!  I'd given him quite a bit to think about, with those photobooks, and after a few minutes of teasing small talk, I finally gave him what he'd been dreaming about.  I think he may have been about six or seven licks in, when the drugs began to take hold.  The difference was obvious, his timid little laps turned into sucks and laves, as he wormed his long tongue deep inside, wrapping his arms around my thick thighs, to pull himself further in.  I could *really* tell that he was flying, when he toppled back, and started rubbing my slick juices all over his face and cock, breathing heavy, with rolled-back eyes, and stiff as a board!

009b -  Sister Circe *clearly* does not mess around with her pleasure pills!  I could tell that Eric was in no position to do much of anything, aside from breathe in my scent, twitch and pulse in the cool air of my office, and of course, loll his head back and forth, with fluttery eyelids.  I took this opportunity to scoop him up, and carry him over to my ritual room, laying him down on the bed, and stripping a little bit more, to give him a better view.  But I wasn't about to let that super-stiff rod go to waste, and with Eric so out of it, there was no need for the usual fanfare.  I just hopped right on, and got to work!  Eric's eyes snapped open, as he felt himself slide into me, and a shudder went through his entire body, as he cried out in pleasure, grabbing the bedsheets in his balled up hands, as his cock twitched and spasmed inside me growing bigger and thicker in pulses, and clearly wanting *so bad* to shoot its seed as deep as it could, but it was held back, by the lilian leash, that he'd been given.  I worried for a second, but this *wasn't* the frustrated denial of those "Herbal Sodas", this was the bliss of an orgasm turned inwards and upwards, and I could tell, that the two of us were going to have *a lot* of fun, seeing just how far Circe's sexy science could take us!

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