Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Walk-In Welcome 2

This is the second half of walk in welcome.  It continues and concludes the story of Jenni and Eric.


Putting kiddies on the drugs
Could lead you to a lot of hugs
But if you would go overboard
Your own grave, is what you've dug


008b - Somewhere between my second and third orgasm, I started to back off a little bit, my energetic bouncing and pumping turning into slower, more sensual fare.  I would lean in, playfully shaking my big tits in Eric's face, and as he began to grow more lucid, he got more active, kneading my breasts with his soft hands, and stroking up and down my supple form.  Soon enough, his ministrations bore fruit, as beads of my drugged milk started to form on my sensitive nipples.  I was barely even moving my hips at that point, letting Eric, balls deep in my dripping cunt, have his fun with my tits.  But when those little droplets of ambrosial cream touched my lover's lips, I could feel his boyhood twitch with delight, hips thrusting up into me, as he pulled my nipples down towards his greedy gob, suddenly intent on sucking out all that he could.  I was startled at first, by his very abrupt show of eroticism, but I wasn't to be outdone!  I sat up a bit, giggling, as Eric strained to cling to my nipple, while still pounding me from below, and turned up the heat, pressing the full weight of my breast into his face, and forcing even more of my hot cream down his waiting throat! 

004b - After my little show of dominance, Eric was back to being the stoned, submissive, little kitten that I was used to, panting and moaning, pulsing, and pumping me full of slick precum.  Nuzzling his little face into my breasts, like he was about to curl up, for a nap.  I could tell that he'd need a little break, to process all that milky goodness, so I popped off, kissing my way right down his chest, and taking a moment to savor the delicious flavor, of our mixed juices.  Feeling a bit of a kick myself, I brought my tits up to my lusty lips, giving Eric a bit of a show, by licking and sucking at them, taking a bit of the milk down my throat, just for fun, but collecting more in my mouth, and letting it *slowly* dribble down between my tits, getting them nice and slick, while Eric watched, enthralled, and stroking himself silly!  Suddenly, I grabbed his legs, roughly pulling him up onto my lap, so I could wrap my silky, creamy, dreamy, tits around his shaft, and give him the "Jenni Special".  I felt a primal thrill run through my entire body, as he moaned and writhed beneath me, his nails raking my thighs, and his legs wrapping themselves around my waist, like so many before him.  Of course, the others usually creamed themselves between by tits, while Eric, still 'under the influence', simply pulsed and throbbed, to another dry, almost tantric, orgasm.

007d - With no recovery time, Eric hurriedly took the lead, pouncing upon me with all the ferocity of a tiger, and all the strength of a lamb.  I played along, though, letting him 'push' me down, spread me open, and slam his shaft home.  He wasted no time, latching to my breast, to get more of the dwindling dope.  I could tell that he was feeling quite emboldened, and his rod was probably the stiffest it had ever been.  From what Circe's laboratory notes had suggested, he was more than likely at the peak of his little "trip", and apparently, *this* was the real Eric.  Horny, a little dominant, and a bit of a taker.  But soon enough, I began to see the complexity of the lovely new Lilian.  He learned quick, and when he'd worked out an angle and a rhythm that he knew would make me scream in delight, he went out of his way to use it, as eager to please, as he was to play.  We changed positions a couple of times, as the virile (ex) virgin flipped me over, to get at my other breast, and the last of my milk.  I could tell that he was getting to the edge of the drug's inhibitive effects, and I *knew* that he'd be nice and backed up, so I put him back in his place a bit, pulling him off of me, for the grand finale. 

005d - The seed of a virgin is always the sweetest, and I *definitely* wanted Eric's as tribute!  I think I shocked the boy a bit, when I picked him up, and plopped him down on top of me, but after a few seconds, he got the picture.  He was slick enough from our earlier trysts, so he had no problem sliding that diamond dong where it belonged!  He started out rather needily, leaning down over me, bracing his hands on either side of my head, to pump between my plump tits, like a wet pussy.  Soon, though, he was showing a bit more vulnerability, as the drug began to peak within him, and he realized that he was going to come *for real* this time!  Come he most certainly did, squealing and gasping, his head thrown back, as I pumped load after load of his hot, backed-up spunk out of his throbbing shaft.  He was absolutely beside himself with pleasure, calling out for everyone from his mother, to myself, and of course, Our Goddess.  By the time I'd licked the last of his delicious seed from my fingers, he was fast asleep, his head on my tummy, and his cock finally taking a well deserved rest.  But more importantly, I'd made my decision, as to who would be taking his stewardship.  As he slumbered, I reached over to my cellular phone, to call Nadia, a transplant from the LRI, who was looking to adopt an older, switchier, boy.  Eric fit the bill quite well, and from what I'd seen in the schoolhouse, Nadia was quite good at keeping boys in line, both in and out of the bedroom.  All's well that ends well!

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