Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Big Bone for the Crone Zone Monterey Priestess

This is the first Monterey block for Crone Zone.  It covers the Priestess' day with her son, in Monterey. 


I will not say it blog
I will not say it in the chan
I will not say that memeword, dog
I will not say it, sam i am


dhbmomhouse01 - Ah, Monterey.  If you haven't been, you're missing out, it's really beautiful.  We've got a little resort there, nothing major, just a hotel complex, with a few cabins.  It's on the beach, though, and that's really what matters.  When we got to Monterey, I checked into our cabin, and called into our clients, to let them know that we'd made it, safe and sound.  Sugarvine and I had a little quickie in the shower while my Broadleaf checked out the Hotel, and then he had to zip off to meet his first client.  As I was waiting for my son to get back to our cabin, I decided to check out the Temple TV.  I'm not really sure what I expected, honestly, it really is always the same shit.  Candid porn for the boys on the first channel, the standard High Priestess jilling out, cult of personality, solo shit on the second, some overdubbed Japanese cartoon on the third, and *of course*, the ever-present "leslita" channel.  When did that stuff even get popular, anyway?  I sat there for what felt like hours, bored out of my mind, flipping between the Secular and Temple channels.  I was about to just bite the bullet, and ask the front desk to page my wandering whippersnapper, when, behind the somewhat annoyingly high-pitched moans of the flat-chested little hussy on the screen, I heard the door open, followed by the familiar giggles, of my *very* stoned little boy.  I sighed to myself, as the combined scents of Amber Rose incense, and Spirit Herb wafted over to me.  Of course, while I was sitting there watching little girls stuff wine bottles up each other's asses, my son was out getting high, and fucking the local Priestesses!

dhbmomhouse03 - I could *taste* the pussy all over him, as I stripped him down, a little more forceful, in my frustration, than I probably should have been.  What normally would have been tender little love nips, became rougher bites and sucks, as I resolved to mark little Broadleaf as *mine*.  The delighted little squeals and squeaks from the television started to blend with his, as I pinched, and bit, licked, and kissed my way up and down his juicy young body.  By the time I got down to his stiff cock, I really had to hold myself back from tearing those (quite pricey) briefs off of him.  I was *so* wet, and *so* horny, and even more, as I buried my face in his warm crotch, I was assaulted by the scents of *other* women, which only added to my frustration.  I just took a deep breath... and tore the briefs off of him anyway.  When I heard his adorably startled reaction, and saw that wonderful shaft, all I could do was give it the sort of sloppy, nasty, kiss, that's best done with violet lipstick.  By that point, I think we'd both had enough foreplay, he was gyrating back into my hands, as they kneaded and squeezed on his asscheeks.  I knew what he wanted.  He was on me in a flash, when I sat down, making sure to lean in for a quick kiss, which *of course*, tasted like some priestess' wet cunt.  He'd barely gotten over my knee, before I was giving it to him just the way he liked it, two firm slaps on each cheek, then a squeeze, reach down to tickle his taint and sack, then back to the slaps.  I'd actually picked a softer pair of jeans that morning, just for this moment, and I could tell by his delightfully sexy gasps and moans, that the smooth material was doing wonderful things to his sensitive tip, as each stroke of my palm, sent it careening in between my supple thighs. 

dhbmomhouse02 - I took him right up to the edge a few times, his pleasured screams reverberating through our little cabin, adding a beautiful backing, to my deliciously dominant dirty talk, which I'd honed, from my years of scriptwriting.  Sugarvine wasn't my first rodeo, when it came to erotic audio!  But back to the topic at hand.  My hand, wrapped around my baby's shaft.  I'd picked him up, his wagging cock splattering precum all over the place, as I lifted him high, to tongue that tight, winking, hole.  His little fuck-friend, whoever she was, had been quite thorough.  The rosehip taste of his ass was yet another calling card, and a reminder, that he'd been around the block with one of the locals, before coming home to mommy.  I plopped him down rough, leaning in to suck and bite at his nipples, and rake my nails down his tender little chest, before they finally came to their turgid, twitching, prize.  I couldn't help but lean in again, for one last kiss, enjoying the taste of him, before getting that rosy palm around his length, to pump him right over the edge.  I always love seeing his spunk fly, and he's gotten quite good at giving tributes, since he started practicing, with my wife.  She'll usually take it on her chest, and while I let his first little spurt land on himself for my licking pleasure, later, the rest of that sticky jizz went straight where it usually does, all over my neck, and down my cleavage, for *his* licking pleasure!

dhbmombeach - After we'd cleaned each other off, we had a nice, mutual worship session, on the sofa.  I turned on the local High Priestess channel, and enjoyed Broadleaf's sexy story, about how great of a fuck she was.  It certainly wasn't hard to imagine, while I was watching the woman herself, bouncing all over a suction-cup dildo!  But after we'd finished, and our lusts had cooled a bit, I detached my little one from his favorite nipple, and asked him if he'd like to take a little walk with mommy, on the Monterey beach.  We didn't bother dressing, really, apparently I'd torn Broadleaf's shirt at some point, and obviously those briefs were *gone*.  My sweater was covered in cumstains, so it was out, too.  I just pulled up my jeans, and headed out.  Lilian resort, remember?  So we walked along the beach together, the clean, warm, sand between our toes.  We chatted about a lot of things, but one thing that I just... *couldn't* avoid, was the three of us.  Myself, my son, and Sugarvine.  With my other Acolytes, I had a regular schedule.  Every night was a little orgy, between my wife, my son, and myself.  But Sugarvine changed that.  My baby had gotten used to going outside the home, to get laid.  Eventually, I coaxed it out of him, that he'd often had little fantasies, of just bending mommy over, as I was leaving for work, and fucking me into a sloppy mess.  Making me his cumslut for the day.  Well, clearly that wasn't going to happen, but I still couldn't help but moisten a little bit, hearing my little one talk that way.  So the next dune we came across, I gave him free reign, boy, did he take it!  My jeans were off before I even knew it, and I was on my knees in front of him, even quicker.  He'd only just put it in, when I had a devilish little idea.  "Fuck mommy up the ass, make her *feel* it!", I heard myself say.  I tried to keep myself closed, so my baby, *really* getting into it by now, could *roughly* force his way inside.  It didn't really wind up hurting as much as I'd wanted, but hey, I got the gist of it, and my baby got a tight little fit, that made this scene as intense as it was short.  As he filled me up, I collapsed onto the sand, really hamming it up for him, before rolling back over, and bringing him in close, for one of our special, giggly, after-care kisses. 

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