Sunday, August 28, 2016

Big Bone for the Crone Zone Outro

This is the much awaited outro for Crone Zone.  It covers Sugarvine's Monterey story, and closes out the overall meta-narrative, of Sugarvine, Acacia, and Broadleaf's love triangle. 


Blackmail is her only vice
But she does it super nice
Only plays with paid-off boys
Uses them as blackmail toys


lhboldiebar - My last client of the trip was actually our general patron, Nicole.  She paid for our gas, and food.  She also booked our cabin, in Monterey.  She's a huge fan of my work, and she's got *all* of my CDs.  I was really excited to meet her, actually!  I actually do like the whole "seduction and blackmail" fantasy, and when I asked Nicole what *exactly* she was after, she just said, "Surprise me!"  After fucking Acacia goodbye for the day, I headed off to the bar, where Nicole was sitting, enjoying one of the aphrodisiacal mixed drinks, that the local Nuns had dreamed up.  I ordered myself a Boulder Bubble, and the two of us just sat across the bar for a few moments, eyefucking one another and imagining all the dirty things we'd be getting up to, later that evening.  Or rather, later that day, since I don't think Nicole was very interested in waiting around.  I sidled up to her at the bar, calling up all of my past training, to play the suave, smooth talking, young libertine.  I leaned in close, blowing hot, lychee-scented breaths in her ear, as I whispered all the dirtiest fantasies, my fingertips dancing over her smooth neck, down her delightfully perky tits, to rest just over her well manicured bush.  All eyes were on us as we sauntered off together, and I think Nicole got off on the envious glances of the women mulling around the bar, at noon, on a workday. 

lhboldiebed01 - By the time we got up to Nicole's suite, the two of us were out of our minds, with lust.  I'd spent most of the elevator ride glued to her gash, lapping up her sweet juices, as they flooded out all over my face, and tongue.  I barely even remember what I did when we got through the door.  I distinctly remember whipping her pumps across the room, to lick up and down her tantalizing toes, my cock bobbing and thrusting into her thighs and ass, smearing trails of silvery precum all over her.  Soon enough, though, she was wrapping those kissable calves and lickable legs around my waist, to pull me into her.  I'm pretty sure they could hear her hollering from outside, when I slammed my shaft into her wetness, pinching her turgid nipples hard, and enjoying the response, as she leaned back to scream some more, and gripped my pole even tighter.  When I started to get that familiar tunnel vision, all I could do was hold tight, to Nicole's juicy thigh, as my instincts took over, and I stabbed into her again and again, the rhythms of her undulations, drawing me deeper and deeper in, as I quickly approached my own pleasure.  With a final thrust, and an embarrassingly strange growling noise, I rammed myself as deep as I could, doubling over, to spread Nicole open even wider, and planted my lips firmly to her inner thigh, sucking and biting, as I shot my seed deep inside, marking her in two, very special ways. 

lhboldiebed02 - We kind of collapsed into each other after that first fuck, our primal energy and lust fading quickly, after the fun subsided.  We snuggled together for a while, basking in the Monterey sun, on the plush, soft, bed.  They really do splurge on the furnishings, at Lilian resorts!  Soon enough, though, our fingers found themselves unlacing, and dipping between each other's thighs.  Suddenly, Nicole stopped, hopping up, as if she'd just remembered something important.  She zipped around the room, collecting her shoes and other clothes, which was slightly disappointing, until she stopped at her bag, and pulled out some toys, and the smallest digicam that I'd ever seen.  Quickly figuring out what Nicole was up to, I got myself dressed as well, and struck a few sexy poses, so she could test the lighting.  It didn't take long, before I was giving her a teasing little strip show, and I couldn't help but giggling a bit, as her horny, trembling, fingers fumbled with her expensive camera, as she changed the memory sticks.  Once I was nice and nude, it was Nicole's turn.  I made sure to get my small, boyish, hands, and smooth little jailbait shaft in every shot.  Whether it was my slim fingers wrapped around the base of her dildo, or those same fingers balled up into a fist, with my underage tip spurting rivulets of hot jizz all over her tits, tummy, and face, it was pretty obvious, to anyone seeing those pictures, all the devilish debauchery that Nicole and I had enjoyed.  A couple of saucier scenes, with my "hole brother" Broadleaf, later in the evening, ensured that Nicole and I would have enough blackmail fetish material, to keep her hot and horny, for weeks!

darkhairairplane - Since our trip to Monterey, Broadleaf and I have started to fix our relationship up, a bit.  We're more playful with each other, and since Sugarvine has started to get more into the custom recording side of things, I'm spending a lot more time at home, in our studio.  There, I can always get little Broadleaf on my lap, or between my thighs, to enjoy some quality time with mommy, while she's hard at work.  His little inspirations help us to write, and he's even found his place in our recordings, playing off of Sugarvine's "bad boy" persona, with his own sweet encouragements.  Taking my baby on outreach was definitely a risk, and it *did* cost a little extra, but you know how our little ones spell love? "T-I-M-E".

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