Sunday, August 28, 2016

Big Bone for the Crone Zone Outro Retrospective

I'm actually kind of glad I waited on this one.  BH2 actually released the outro picture today, and I wasn't originally going to do an outro.  It was just going to end with them kind of looping back to that opener, with the two boys, the mom, and the blonde lady.


It's kind of nice to finally let the boys be a little dommier, for once.  I never write them that way, but it's actually kind of fun.  It's even more fun, when both of the partners are very aggressive in their desires, which I think most of the characters here are, aside from maybe Ceciliana, or whatever I named that younger blonde girl.

I tried to make these characters a little more interesting, from a meta-narrative storyline perspective, since they're in such a weird little love triangle, where they all know that they're all fucking other people, and they kind of like it, but they kind of don't, but then, they deal with it, by fucking other people really hard....

It's an interesting dynamic.  Or maybe not.  But it is a dynamic, and it's not just the same femdom formulaic stuff that I've been pushing out for the past 2 to 3 years. 

One thing that I really liked writing, was the whole thing about the boys being used as a type of status symbol, by the women.  From the parade of acolytes in Sacramento, to Nicole's little walk of pride, in the bar, and probably her banshee screams, as well, there's very much an undercurrent of one-upsmanship among some of the wealthier Lilian women, and the Acolytes are a huge part of that.  They're like trophy boys.  I dig it.

This one was kinda light on actual sex, since the first page is literal foreplay, and then the second one, yes, is a very straightforward (and hopefully intense) sex scene, but then the last page is kind of just Nicole and Sugarvine taking pictures of each other, so that he can use them in their blackmail games later.  Then there's the outro, which is pretty much not sexual at all, and just giving these characters (that I really like) a happy ending.  I think this closes out really well.  That bit about love being spelled time, by the way, came from Imperium, or as it's better known, "Harry Potter and the Final Solution", or as I like to call it, "should have been a fucking miniseries instead".  It was okay.  6.5/10.


So what's next?  Well, whatever I'm going to do, I pretty much have to do it fast, because September 1st is it, for this project.  That's 4 days, which could theoretically be 30 or 40 pages, but then, it could also be like, 6.

So let's see.  What do I need to do? 

Well first and foremost, I need to put together the intros and outros for the magazine best-of, where I'm going to be putting all of the random magazine style sex narratives, that just didn't make it into the magazines proper.  Maybe I'll frame them as being local stories, that were in the localized versions of some of the magazines, but not in the global ones. 

The Priestess guide probably needs an outro, so I can finally close out Lilian Booty Queens.  That one never really got as far as I'd wanted it to, but I think it came out reasonably well.  It does need an outro, though.

The random grimoire pages need to go somewhere, although I'm really not sure what I'm going to do with them.  They might end up in the best of pamphlet. 

I need to do something with the advertisements.  Either give them a cover page, or put them in with the normal magazines, in between the specials.  Something needs to be done with those. 

So that's what needs to be done, but most of that can be done in a single day.  What do I want to do?

I definitely want to at least do a 6-10 pager on the Ubechidos.  They're a fucking huge part of the meta-narrative, and I want to use them to explain some of the deeper history of Lilith herself. 

I kinda want to do something with the large breasted tutor girl, probably another 10 pager, and it'll be about how Nuns can teach the gospel with more fervor, and tie the lessons in with sex. 

If it is in any way possible to do something about the Lilian Defense Industry with Pinknoise's /ss/ in the APC set, I'd like to do a 10 pager for that. 

There's also a 10 pager on coven or minor temple life that I could do, although it's a little lower on the list, since it's essentially just a carbon copy of the sex-ed pamphlet. 

So we'll see what gets done, and what doesn't get done.  I'll probably be doing at least the stuff that needs to be done, so expect to see a lot of meta-narrative.  I'm thinking that I really want to bring back the Ubechidos too, somehow, so kinda expect that one, as well.  The other stuff will have to depend on how busy I am in these next 4 days.  I really do have a lot of shit to take care of. 

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