Saturday, August 6, 2016

Big Bone for the Crone Zone San Fransisco

This is the San Fransisco portion of Sugarbomb's journey to the mythical land of Monterey. 


Listen here noob
Suckle on the boob
And get back in the groove


lhbyoung03 - As much as I really do love my clients, there really are times when *I* need to get pampered!  Usually, it's Acacia, my priestess, who takes those duties, but I'd been giving her some space, so she and her son, Broadleaf, could hang out more.  When we got to San Fransisco for our day off, the two of them politely asked if I wanted to check out Fisherman's Pier with them.  I just said I'd hang around the Temple, and to have a good time.  After bidding them goodbye for the day, I made my way to a small beachfront annex, not Temple proper, but an associated holding.  I mulled around a bit by myself, enjoying the first bit of quiet solitude, that I'd gotten in a little while.  It was early, and it was a workday, so the annex was pretty quiet, with just myself, watching the waves, and a young Nun, practicing her Yoga, nude, on the sand.  I didn't want to be rude, so I *tried* to keep my eyes on the ocean, but it was a little difficult, especially when the mystery woman's poses kept getting more and more 'advanced'.  Eventually, I just leaned back and started looking at the clouds, hoping that my mildly embarrassing boner would go down.  I think I was probably being a little too sensitive, because before I knew it, I was feeling the thrill of a single finger sliding playfully up the bulge in my shorts, and when my eyes snapped open, I was met with a devilish grin, and a very attractive, *very* aroused, young Nun, named Camilla.  She wasted no time in pulling me to my feet, and inviting me into her beach house.

lhbyoung04 - Camilla was quite to the point, stripping me bare before I could even say anything, and carrying me into her large bathroom, for a hot shower.  We had a great time playing together, I'd slap her full ass, after rinsing the sand off, and she'd moan and squirm, giggling, as she wiggled her wetness in my direction, bent over slightly, with her tits against the glass, and her back arched, as she playfully begged for more.  Feeling slightly miffed, that my relaxing day at the beach, had turned into *yet another* erotic sexcapade, I spanked Camilla with a bit more force, much to her delight, and rammed my stiffness into her, intent on relieving the tension that had built up, while I was watching her stretch.  Her moans and pleasured screams soon filled the heady air of the shower, as the warm mist moistened our glistening, hot, bodies.  With no warning at all, Camilla used her well toned hips to knock me off balance, and get me up against the wall, quickly and gracefully spinning around and down, to plant her lips on my shaft, big, soft hands on my ass, tasting herself, and me, as I groaned in surprise, and shot my load all the way down her tight throat.  By that point, I was drained, in every sense, and a little distant, as Camilla gently walked me out into her bedroom, to pat me down with a plush, warm, towel, and hold me close, giving me all the love that I needed, and more. 

lhbyoung01 - After our little tryst, Camilla and I got dressed again, and went to go watch the waves together.  I was feeling a little embarrassed about losing control, earlier, but the when I asked Camilla about it, she just smiled, and said she didn't mind.  She'd had fun, and that was all that really mattered.  As we watched the tides roll in, she told me about her early years, before she joined the Temple.  She was a sex worker too, but in the Jehovan world, where things weren't as nice.  She knew how it could be a little frustrating at times, to have so much of your sex life be wrapped up in your working life.  She understood that when you're sleeping with a new person every night, and they're always slipping a wad of bills into your back pocket, as you leave, it's easy to feel like a toy, or a piece of meat.  But as I sat there, with Camilla's soft hands stroking my back, or rubbing my thigh, listening to her pour her heart out, and discuss things that only someone in our line of work could understand, I really came to realize something.  We acolytes might sometimes have a tough job, but in the end, we do perform a pretty valuable service to the Goddess, and the deep, spiritual joy that we share with our clients, is something that only *we* can give.  But even better, we're never more than a quick stroll away from a loving young sister like Camilla, who's always ready to lend a caring ear, a milky breast, and a steamy lay, to melt all our troubles away.  

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