Wednesday, August 31, 2016

General Outros Retrospective

Well, I couldn't just leave it, could I?  Three years of work, and then I fuck around on the ending?  Come on.  I'm not that big of an asshole.  Hopefully there's no typographical errors on these, because I am not checking. 


So these are the endings to the meta-narrative, which leads directly into Nyar's stories.  Or maybe not.  Kinda-sorta.  Well, whatever.  They're my versions of Nyar's stories.  Basically, this is the viewpoint of the ground pounding "sista", who is far away from the Temples, but is still a part of the whole program.  Most Lilians would get their shots and gummies through the Temple proper.  I guess I like that I was able to wrap things up, although I wrapped them up in like, 4500 characters. 

The big thing here, was bringing all of the little meta-narrative elements, with Medea Circe, and the editor, and the Ubechido, and everything else, and then slamming their round peg, into the square hole, that is my meta-narrative for this project.  I didn't specifically pick the specials that are going in the best of, so it isn't really a best of, but hey, whatever.  The meta-narrative was never going to make sense.  At least it's there though, right? 


So next up is... Nothing!  Probably.  If I start writing 1D stories in this world, or working on LRLB Kufuku again, maybe I'll come back, but we'll have to see about that.

If I don't come back, thanks for all the support, the ideas, the pageviews, and the comments.  Even the crazy/stupid comments.  It's always nice to know that people are enjoying your work.  By the time this goes out on the chans, I should have updated the Omnibus.  If you haven't gotten it, now would be the time.  I'm not sure whether I'll be in a position to update the links, if they go down.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed this ride as much as I have.  For those of you who haven't, just remember, it's a story.  

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