Wednesday, August 31, 2016

General Outros

 This is me basically me finishing up the meta-narrative, to close out this project entirely.


178aicha - By now, you should understand the general operation of The Grove.  While that particular house of revolution *is* quite special, it is in no way unique.  The vast majority of our operations, around the world, are dependent upon other operations, in other parts of the world.  Some of our detractors, in the Pagan Maternalist sphere, accuse us of being little more than "Northwestern Granola Munchers".  In the laity, perhaps this criticism holds water.  But among our cadre and clergy, this is a ridiculous notion.  Our sisters come from around the world, and in fact, some of our most fervent and *important* revolutionaries lie in the global south, far away from the erotic hubs that Eugene, Portland, Malmo, and Tokyo represent.  Did you know that 86 percent of our complex pharmaceuticals come from Basra?  And the raw materials for their synthesis, come from Bankok.  Much of the money that fuels the Portland Temple is gained through imports originating in Yangon.  We say all that, to say this.  Don't ever take your sisters for granted, and don't make wild assumptions, based on where they are, or where they come from.  There's a decent chance, that they've been serving Our Goddess for longer, and with more vigor, than you have.  

kuntakinteklimax - Sisters, we have reached a magnanimous day, in our revolution.  All of us have been waiting, patiently and eagerly, for our greatest scientific mind, Medea Circe, to conclude her research, into the genetic codes of our little ones, and ourselves.  She has promised us a world of beauty and joy, a world where our babies never have to grow up, and a world where *we* are perfected, and transformed into a reflection of Our Goddess' mercy and love.  I am quite pleased to announce, that this glorious day no longer rests in our prayers, and dreams.  It is *here*, sisters!  Revolution is at hand!  The uprising is not confined to our Cells, Circles, and Temples either.  Our Goddess made us a promise, that when we were ready, that all barriers to our ascension, would be removed.  The greatest barrier of all, is Jehovans, and whether you like it or not, that barrier *will* be removed.  Consider bathtime, with your lover.  Does he always *want* to get in the tub?  Even the most obedient boys sometimes have to be carried in, so that they can be washed clean, inside and out.  With gentle hands, you calmly caress, working in all that luscious lather, even as he pouts and moans, or, if he's *much* younger, thrashes around, and throws a tantrum.  But he must get clean, and *you* are the best woman for the job.  You continue your work, unabated, because you *know* how important it is, for him to be nice and squeaky clean.  When it's all over, everyone is better off for it, and him, most of all.  There will be difficulties, in the coming months, and try as we might, there *may* not be the usual issue of Bounty, in the mail for you next cycle.  For this reason, we've put together a nice collection of fun, sexy, and often quite meaningful stories, to tide you over.  We've also included a copy of The Gospel, just in case you didn't have one handy, along with some information, about getting in contact with us, during and after the initial phases of the revolution.  As always, sisters, stay safe, stay secret, and stay *sexy*!

secgen - Blessings upon you, dear sisters.  Most of you, being so far away from the Regional Temple system, are seeing me for the first time.  I'm not quite as photogenic, or as... pleasing, to the boys, as many of the other clergy.  I'm actually quite shy, in fact.  Even at the orgies, I'll usually only be with two or three of the boys.  But rest assured, I *am* your sister, and in fact, much of what you've learned over the years, from the official texts and magazines, has been collated, curated, and approved, by myself.  My name is Maple Turner, and I'm actually the General Secretary, of the Temple Congress.  That lady with the gavel, on that Temple TV channel that you never watched?  That's me!  But let's get to business.  Yes, it's true.  Medea Circe has finished her research, and has distributed the fruits of her labor, through the usual channels, to Temples worldwide.  Included in this month's package, you will find a number of what appear to be inkpens, corresponding to the amount of people you have listed as local practitioners, in your area.  Those are syrettes, and they contain a compound that will perfect you, both mentally, and physically, in the eyes of Our Goddess.  They will also prevent your young lover, from growing past the outward appearance of around 10, or 12.  I highly suggest that you use these syrettes, but of much, much, *much* greater importance, are the chewable gummies, that have been included, as well.  Our Goddess' method of purifying the earth, is exactly what you think it is, and if true believers are saved through faith, it's faith in the gummies, that their command structure, has provided to them.  One gummy per person, single dose, Lilians and Pagan Maternalists *only*.  You are building your local cadre for the extended revolution here, sister.  Don't fill it with troublemakers.  If you're in a region, or a situation, where you aren't confident in your long-term (2-3 month) sustinance, get to a Temple, by whatever means are available.  If you're on a family farm, or something equally sustainable, you're better off staying there, for now.  Don't worry about looters, the revolution will be sudden, short, and thorough.  If you're staying home, tune the included radio to XXXXX (9500kHz) at 0000 hours, every night, after the revolution becomes most obvious.  Follow the instructions *exactly*.  These coming days will be trying for us all, from the highest preistess, to the lowest laywoman.  But united under the Mantle of Our Mother, we *will* perservere, and we *will* bring revolution, right to Jehovah's doorstep!

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