Sunday, August 21, 2016

Lilian Fraternalism Retrospective

I'm actually not sure how long this took to do.  I think between 2 and 3 days, since I took a couple of days off.  I think it was a relatively quick turnaround, though.  It also isn't really that much content, though.  Just another 11 page theological deal.  3 pages, in 8.5x11.  So not much.  I think Chapter 58 was like, 6, but then one of them was the poem, which had a bunch of line breaks. 


I've wanted to do something with the Pinknoise 2 boys set for a while, and I'd had this prewritten up.  I was originally planning to make it something more akin to the Chapter 58 pamphlet, and really, that's kind of how it came out, but instead of going through theologically, and getting specific there, I framed the whole thing in the context of a type of narrative, about this woman in Montreal, and her 2 Acolytes, and how they're doing this ritual, that the lady from one of the CD Covers made up for her. 

There's actually a ton of backstory here, a lot of things that I've been wanting to canonize.  The big one is probably the story of "Auntie Jozefien", which isn't really tackled in huge detail, but I think the basics are about covered.  I had actually wanted to somehow tie the narrative of this woman, and her kids, in with the narrative of Ellen and Greg, from Mommy Bubble 80's.  I had the pics to do it, but it would have required me to essentially make this pamphlet in the 80's as well, which I didn't want to do. 

The second element of backstory that I put in, was the general set and setting of how the rituals are done, and Lilian entertainment overall.  I'd wanted to put this in Crone Zone Sacramento, but I didn't really have enough page.  Basically, the rituals are done up as this sort of big erotic spectacular, where the women get dressed up (in lingerie?) and rent acolytes, and go out to the Temple, and presumably there would be some kind of circular stage, with tables around it, and they'd watch the Lilian themed sexual entertainment, and then go home (or to an afterparty) and fuck all night long.  Or, they dress more rustically (in burlap lingerie?) and hike out to some woods, and do the exact same thing, except instead of tables, they're sitting on blankets, and instead of going home, they fuck under the stars.  Of course, that shit is all just implied, since I'm making mostly oblique references to it, in the text.

The text here is pretty narrative, but not amazingly so, there's quite a bit of guide content, and the narrative is mostly overarching, and related to the characters, and Montreal, and that sort of thing.  It's not narrative like BroSis RockyTop was narrative, and that actually isn't a huge deal of sex in this.  It's there, obviously, I am making porn here, but it's not the main ingredient to this little pamphlet.  Is that a good thing?  A bad thing?  I don't really know, and I probably won't be finding out. 


 So next up, probably tomorrow (the 21st) is the end of Pagan Visits.  No, I have not forgotten about Pagan Visits, or the associated requests.  Then it'll probably be the end of Crone Zone.  Then, I don't know.  Probably I'll make some attempt at actually getting out the Night Journey Ritual pamphlet, and it'll be as half-assed as this one was, but hey, done is done, and I've got like 10 days left to "do", when it comes to DoL. 

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